CompUSA 230-store chain reportedly for sale

“The owner of electronics retailer CompUSA has reportedly asked financial advisers to search for buyers for the chain,” The Associated Press reports.

“The Dallas Morning News, citing unnamed sources familiar with the offer, reported Wednesday that Grupo Carso SA of Mexico asked Credit Suisse to quietly approach investors who might be interested in the 230-store chain,” AP report.

“A CompUSA spokesman declined to comment to The Associated Press. A spokeswoman for Credit Suisse declined to comment,” AP reports.

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  1. o- reeeeaaaally……………

    “Newly Designed Apple Store”

    maybe the new designs are because all of a suddon they have 20 times the cubic footage and probably dont want it to appear like a wharehouse… I am seeing lots of tables with wifi in the air…. one large coffee please..

  2. CompUSA most likely has long-term leases on all these stores. A new owner may not want all the stores so they will be left paying out the balance of the leases or trying to get a subtenent. I wonder if Apple is looking over the CompUSA locations and wondering if they could get a deal on some of these spaces?

  3. Of all the Windoze centric retailers I’ve been to, CompUSA is (or was) by far the crappiest. They take “customer service” to new lows.

    Glad to see them go. CompUSA, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out!

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  4. I have always been well treated at CompUSA, particularly by their knowledgeable staff. I bought my first mac there (1.8 dual, PowerMac), was given a gig of extra ram for free, and received 18 months of interest free financing.

    Try that at the Apple Store.

    If they go out, I will miss them.

  5. As an employee of CompUSA I can say I agree that for the most part the service is horrible and most of the staff is poorly trained. However, there are always a few good emplyoees that do care about service. Unfortunatly the company doesn’t care about thier employees so the few good ones get sick of the management and leave.

    As for selling the company, it can’t hurt. We’ve gone through 3 CEO in the last 4 months, it appears as though no one wants to be in chagre of the disaster. I don’t blame carlos for wanting to sell…

  6. I have to say that for computer stuff I preferred CompUSA than Best Buy…but YMMV.

    Expanding on my “AppleStore Extreme” idea…Let’s say that Apple pairs up with some of the other big names in home entertainment that are NOT directly competing with them for control of the entertainment sector and uses the stores to showcase a truly “integrated” entertainment network. How long would it take for the emergence of “Bonjour” enabled components if Apple started shopping around?

    By necessity this would aim mostly to the high-end and mid-high end consumer, but it would be a customer who is looking for a solution, not just hooking up boxes at random.

    Magic Word: “Never” as in “It’ll never happen.”

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