CompUSA 230-store chain reportedly for sale

“The owner of electronics retailer CompUSA has reportedly asked financial advisers to search for buyers for the chain,” The Associated Press reports.

“The Dallas Morning News, citing unnamed sources familiar with the offer, reported Wednesday that Grupo Carso SA of Mexico asked Credit Suisse to quietly approach investors who might be interested in the 230-store chain,” AP report.

“A CompUSA spokesman declined to comment to The Associated Press. A spokeswoman for Credit Suisse declined to comment,” AP reports.

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  1. omg, I hate CompUSA…

    I went there once…

    I need one ethernet cable and found 3:

    They were in 3 colors, identical length, brand, model, except for color:

    gray= $7.95
    blue = $12.95
    green = +16.95

    and price…

    …I’m the proud owner of a 10ft GRAY ethernet cable, needless to say. 😀

    (actual prices and colors dimly recollected)

  2. One can only hope that someone with brains and a clue buys the chain (it is currently one of the worst shopping experiences on the planet).

    It’s utterly amazing compUSA has not gone out of business, they are so bad.

    I really hate them (rude, uppity pricks).

    I hope they go broke and hurt the owners in the process.

  3. I sure hope that they don’t get turned into Best Buy boxes – yuck!

    CompUSA used to be a good store. They used to have the good stuff that you couldn’t find in the big box chain stores. They also used to have the best Apple/Mac hardware/software/peripheral selection in the (Seattle/Tacoma) area besides the Apple Stores.

    I think that their downfall was trying to compete with Best Buy, Circuit City, etc., and carry the same cheap, run-of-the-mill crap.

  4. They are pulling out of Memphis. A current Out of Business Sale is going on.

    They have always been their own worst enemy. Come prime shopping hours, nobody was in the Apple area. The computers were always messed up, out of date and not connected to the net. The average person wanting to find out about them would have to get regular floor staff and get barraged with a bunch of Anti-Mac FUD or come back when our Mac guy is here.

    Not a good way to do business…

  5. Poo: “I hope they go broke and hurt the owners in the process.”

    CompUSA was the only company that supported Apple at it’s difficult times, how is it possible that now you say that, what a short memory you have.

  6. CompUSA is going down the drain. The service there is atrocious. Last time I was there, I was trying to buy a flash drive, which were all locked up behind a glass case. I spent 20 minutes trying to find someone who could open the case, and the only guy who could was talking shop with a customer who wasn’t even interested in buying anything, from what I coudl hear as I was patiently trying to get his attention.

    I got sick of this so I just went to the Best Buy and found a better deal on the same model of flash drive.

    And how’s this for perspective? Apple has more 150 stores worldwide and is opening 40 per year. Apple Stores have been in operation for only 5 or so years?

    CompUSA has been around for like a decade or two, and has only 230 stores.

    Shows you exactly what Apple being the “fastest growing retailer” really means.

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