Apple sells 450,000 of Dvorak’s ‘nutty’ Nike+iPod Sport Kits in under three months

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced yesterday during the Cupertino Mac- and iPod-maker’s “It’s Showtime” media event that Apple had sold over 450,000 Nike+iPod Sport Kits in less than three months of the product’s availability.

Back in May, following the announcement of the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, tech troll John Dvorak wrote for MarketWatch, “Apple has teamed up with Nike to produce an odd tennis shoe that will allow, among other features, the music to change on the user’s iPod to better match their specific jogging requirements. In other words if you are headed up a tough hill the music selection will change to some motivational music to get you over the top. Does this sound a little nutty to anyone else but me?”

450,000 times US$29.99 equals gross sales of $13.5 million dollars. Oh, to be so “nutty.”
Don’t quit your day job, John. On second thought, do.

Dvorak admits to baiting Apple Mac users for hits:

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  1. One of the greatest pains to human nature is the pain of a new idea. It…makes you think that after all, your favorite notions may be wrong, your firmest beliefs ill-founded… Naturally, therefore, common men hate a new idea, and are disposed more or less to ill-treat the original man who brings it.
    -Walter Bagehot Physics and Politics

  2. I write as someone who is more than a little rotund myself, but – judging from that poster frame – Dvorak would find any exercise other than darts or pool a “little nutty”.

    The whole Nike+iPod thing is no more “nutty” than the idea that boxers used to have their trainers cycle alongside them when they were running in the morning. The growth of “serious” running as a hobby – which is obvious to anyone who watches any of the major marathons in London, Boston, New York or wherever or any of the triathlon events – means that there are literally hundreds of thousands of runners who require a mechanism for motivating themselves during training and recording the results of those training runs.

    The fact that Dvorak doesn’t get this concept merely shows how years of using Microsoft’s Imagination Not Included™ approach to technology has left him unable to empathise with the aspirations of ‘real’ users.

  3. I agree there are no end of ideas that on the surface seem irrelavent motivational techniques but that when assessed intelligently do work on a range of levels, many of them not obvious to the initiated or indeed before they are personally experienced. Professional sportsmen and coaches have exploited such motivational skills for years and many are subtle and puerly psychological but none the less effective for that. It even took me a little while to take this idea seriously, But the fact is it works on both the motivational level (and with plenty of further scope to exploit) and the fun level. Seems like a wonderful tool to me, certainly if you have the spare cash.

  4. Three other ideas, just to name a few, that were considered either nutty or totally unnecessary many years ago were the airplane, computers and copiers. Be careful, be very careful, of dismissing new ideas.

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