The Motley Fool’s Lomax: Apple news ‘mostly underwhelming, with some potential future bright spots’

“The Apple rumor mill has been hard at work lately, with plenty of folks prognosticating about what exactly Steve Jobs would announce today in the company’s ‘It’s Showtime’ event. I found the actual announcements mostly underwhelming, with some potential bright spots on the horizon,” Alyce Lomax writes for The Motley Fool.

“First off, there’s a whole slew of new iPods at new price points, with increased storage capacity. For example, the newest high-end iPod will have 80 gigabytes of memory for $349. New iPod-ready video games like Tetris, Pac-Man, and Bejeweled, available through iTunes, are kind of nice, but certainly nothing earth-shattering,” Lomax writes.

Lomax writes, “While Apple did make good on digital movie downloads, it hasn’t gone the whole nine yards. Its first offerings are only from Disney (NYSE: DIS) and subsidiaries Pixar, Touchstone, and Miramax — a no-brainer considering Jobs’ Disney connection. The iTunes offerings also address one of the major hurdles in digital film downloading: price. New releases will sell for $12.99 when preordered or purchased in the week following the release of the digital and DVD versions, and $14.99 thereafter. (Older titles will sell for $9.99.) Those prices seem more reasonable than the fees charged by other nascent digital movie offerings like CinemaNow and Movielink.”

“Jobs previewed iTV, a device that will allow people to wirelessly view movies and TV shows they’ve downloaded to their Macs and PCs on their TVs. That device, expected to retail for $299, is probably the most exciting part of the announcement, but alas, iTV won’t be available until the first quarter of 2007. Meanwhile, one of the longest running Apple iPod rumors of all time — the mythical cell phone/iPod hybrid — remained a no-show,” Lomax writes. “Apple needed to impress today, and I’m not quite sure it did.”

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  1. Yeah, for the second or third “Apple special event” in a row, the announcements have really been somewhat underwhelming. New products, but mostly evolutionary rather than revolutionary. If the hype doesn’t end up matching reality, the stock will drop… that’s the nature of Apple… it’s all in the ‘next big thing’ that keeps the stock growing or dropping; not always an enviable place to be however.

  2. “He is correct! Movies aren’t HD, no subscription service, obscene price. No thanks.”

    True. And the iPod is overpriced and will never sell. And nobody will ever buy TV shows when you can just record them yourself. Blah blah blah blah.

    This happens every time after a keynote.
    (The only time that I think it was completely true was after the ipod Hi-Fi and iPod case presentation…I suspect that was due to an unexpected delay from some other offerings they had in mind. )

    Moving on…movies, iTv, etc will be HUGE. And the price is quite competitive to DVDs

  3. Games available through iTunes, are kind of nice, but certainly nothing earth-shattering,

    Ummm, didn’t Apple just open up “games” to third party developers?

    Sure, these aren’t state-of-the-art games, but doesn’t this open up the iPod game market?

  4. The annoucement was underwhelming when compared to the hyperbolic speculation before the event. Even with normal expectations, the announcements were all good, but there was nothing revolutionary EXCEPT the iTV.

    iPods: all nice evolutions. Yes, evolutions in many respects, but there was no huge leap.
    iTunes: again, nice evolution.
    iTV: this could be great.

    Overall, nice day. The media integration program is marching along. I was very happy with all the announcements and will probably buy an 80GB. Just because there was no home run (waiting for the full iTV before that counts), does not mean it was a bad day. It just was not the blockbuster many were expecting.
    So while people may chide the author, she is fairly accurate.

  5. Has everyone on Earth missed iTunes games? Or am I the only one who thinks this is significant?

    It’s still too soon for HD movies. More importantly, the delivery mechanism is in now place, end (iTMS)-to-end (iTV). How hard will it be to start selling them when the time is right? Not very.

    Jimbo nailed it.

  6. Advice to the nay-sayers: Go kick an old tin can instead of bothering honest people with your useless jive talk. Some people just love to criticize. Apple has lowered the price and improved the feature set of a supremely successful product that already had no competition. They have also launched (albeit modestly) yet another killer-industry-to-be in the form of movie downloads. Let’s hear the nay-sayers tell us a year from now what a bad idea this was. They’ll be singing a different tune, I’ll wager!

  7. While I appreciate the satire of “bond co. stooge”, I think that The Mootley Fool actually got it about right this time. Its not like Apple is screwed or in any serious trouble here, but today’s announcements were pretty – well – underwhelming.

    At the very least the world needed to see a truly new iPod device, and Apple simply didn’t deliver. I for one am glad to see that Apple brought back the variant colors for the nano, but design-wise, that’s completely retro. If the nano would have, at the very least, been given the software to play video it would have helped us believe there was something new there.

    As for the video capable iPods – Again, nothing really new there. I was most disappointed that we did not see a bigger or wider screen on the iPod product line, especially with the announcement that all video is now going to be 640×480. Oh well, prices look very good, but I’m still not going to buy an iPod till the screen dimension choices are expanded.

    Another huge disappointment for me was that Apple was not able to work something out that will allow us to burn DVDs from our iTunes video collection and play it from our component DVD players. Of course this little hole will be plugged by iTV, which I’m very excited about, but…

    Apple made a lot of prepress waves, but really delivered the proverbial drop-in-the-bucket. All of the updates and upgrades released today are needed and wanted, but considering the hopes that were raised, I think more careful thought should have been given about going public on this particular day.

    I believe Apple is under some pressure to come up with new and expanded iPod products, and well they should be in my estimation, but it all ended up leaving the impression of, much ado about a little.

    All that being said, rock on Apple, and next time be sure to make us swoon. Its really Steve’s fault you know, he’s absolutely spoiled us.

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