RUMOR: Apple’s agenda for today’s ‘It’s Showtime’ media event leaked?

“Ok, it’s time for some last-minute rumor mongering. A little birdie just flew into TUAW headquarters (a little birdie who wishes to remain anonymous) and told us the following. Remember, this is all rumor, folks, but it sounds like it could be legit to us,” Dave Caolo writes for TUAW.

iTunes version 7.0, Movie Store with content from Disney, Pixar, and other studios, new metal iPod nano, widescreen bluetooth touchscreen iPod, “TubePort” USB wireless dongle, and more are discussed in the full article over on TUAW here.

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  1. if I repeat iPhone 10 times it will happen… Right?
    iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone

    OK. Now we get the iPhone ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smirk” style=”border:0;” />
    Or.. do I have to spit too…

    MDN magic word: when.. oh when do we get the iPhone?

  2. About 10 years ago, rumors spread through the North Korean military of a coup in progress.

    Turns out the rumors were instigated by Kim Jong-Il loyalists within the military. They wanted to see who was loyal and whom they whould execute.

    Spoof rumor…whomoever Jobs gave this memo to will be fired this afternoon.

  3. Watch a movie that is being streamed to my TV via TubePort? Not with my lousy cable service. The constant breaks in transmission would drive me crazy (yeah, it’s a short drive). I have never been able to watch a streaming video without frequent, irritating breaks.

  4. TubePort? Stupid name and a very “unApple-like” concept. Why not just add video to Airport Express (which is what will happen)?

    Bluetooth on an iPod? Why exactly would you want that except for PDA syncing, which we know is not going to happen? BT is too slow and eats battery life….marginally usuable for music, but won’t work for video, obviously.

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