Apple’s iTunes Music Store offline for updating

A visit to Apple’s iTunes Music Store currently shows the following:

Note: that the word “Music” is not being used by Apple in the temporary message above. Apple refers to it as simply “iTunes Store” (as we have been doing fro some time when discussing video and TV shows since it sounded silly to write about, for example, watching “Lost” via the iTunes Music Store).

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  1. It’s so silly how everyone with a blog or is a real jounalist harps on the word “music” in the ITMS.

    Why the onsession over taking this store name so litterally?

    Did everyone complain how Tower Record’s hadn’t sold ONLY records, but CD’s and DVD’s?

    Coconuts sells…??? You guessed it, and it’s not coconuts (in NY)

    Border’s Books and Music ALSO sell… DVD’s, go figure.

    Anal writers think they’re so much smarter than who they write about.

  2. Hate to rain on the parade folks – but it is all down. I was downloading podcasts at the. I was able to see the home page when hitting the back buttons, but ALL options were blacked out. when I relaunched iTunes, teh entire sote was inaccessible.

    Boy, I thought we would have more informed and thorough users that don’t make assumptions. Attention to details people please.

    Sorry, early morning, baby was fussy all night and there is not enough caffeine in the world right now. It will be a long day – this event better be good!


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