Apple’s iTunes 7 installer shows ‘iTunes Phone Driver’ as greyed-out option

Apple’s iTunes 7 installer’s Custom Install option shows ‘iTunes Phone Driver’ (“This package installs iTunes Phone Driver”) as greyed-out option:

MacDailyNews Take: Proof of future ‘iPhone’ from Apple?

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  1. first off, FIRST!?? second, what do you think, will they hold another special media event to launch the iphone and perhaps then a widescreen video ipod (since by then there should be more movie studios on board)? And do you think we may see this just before the christmas season? Say Dec 2nd? =)

  2. It’s probably grayed-out if you ignored the “iTunes Phone Driver” update that came in over Software Update a while back. So if the iTunes installer sees the driver, it is available to install. If not, it’s grayed-out. I doubt Apple would make a slip like that for any “real” iTunes phone.

  3. That’d be right, MDN makes something out of nothing yet misses out some of the significant upgrades…

    1) We finally have CD-TEXT support on burning, so that’s one less reason to use Jam.

    2) AAC ripping is now available up to 320kbits – which I’m relatively certain is new.

    3) You can also burn with no gaps

    Also, was the sound enhancer there before? If it was, it’s definitely better now. My PowerBook speakers are singing.

  4. My phone doesn’t talk to me computer and plays only the built-in ring-tones. Maybe my next one (no time soon) will have the equivalent of one of the new shuttles built in.

    No big deal.

    Anyone else spot the “View” options up beside the Search Box? The standard ‘list’ option is the familiar, then there’s an ugly waste of space, then there’s this gorgeous waste of space … mirrored album covers, smooth movement, transparencies – looks like an iWeb site on steroids!.

    The mucked the iVisualize plug-in in the process.

  5. Of more interest to me is in iTunes 7 is the File menu command:

    Transfer Purchases FROM iPod

    Wouldn’t this be an indicator of a feature that allows purchases to be made and downloaded using an iPod? Using what networking feature? Bluetooth? WiFI?

    Why else would songs need to be transferred back to a computer? Perhaps to restore songs back onto a crashed computer perhaps…

  6. “Transfer Purchases from iPod” allows you to reverse sync. In other words, you can upload all your iTunes Store purchases from an iPod back onto a computer (one of your five authorized computers).

    So it’s new, but it doesn’t imply buying songs directly on an iPod. At least not yet.

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