Apple’s iTunes 7 installer shows ‘iTunes Phone Driver’ as greyed-out option

Apple’s iTunes 7 installer’s Custom Install option shows ‘iTunes Phone Driver’ (“This package installs iTunes Phone Driver”) as greyed-out option:

MacDailyNews Take: Proof of future ‘iPhone’ from Apple?

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  1. first off, FIRST!?? second, what do you think, will they hold another special media event to launch the iphone and perhaps then a widescreen video ipod (since by then there should be more movie studios on board)? And do you think we may see this just before the christmas season? Say Dec 2nd? =)

  2. It’s probably grayed-out if you ignored the “iTunes Phone Driver” update that came in over Software Update a while back. So if the iTunes installer sees the driver, it is available to install. If not, it’s grayed-out. I doubt Apple would make a slip like that for any “real” iTunes phone.

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