Apple granted six new patents

“On September 12, the US Patent & Trademark Office published six of Apple’s newly granted patents which included the following: ‘Method and apparatus for saving power in pipelined processors,’ ‘Method and apparatus for implementing a sleep proxy for services on a network,’ ‘Single-channel convolution in a vector processing computer system,’ ‘Modular logic board chassis for a desktop computer,’ ‘Mechanism for color-space neutral (video) effects scripting engine’ and ‘Rendering translucent layers in a display system,'” Neo reports for MacNN.

Full article with details and patent filing abstracts here.

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  1. What is the story with Neo? He used to write unbelievably
    interesting and compelling — and totally speculative — next
    wave of the internet articles before the switch to Intel was
    announced. He then started writing for Macsimum (“?”) news
    web site and his articles suddenly became boring, canned,
    boilerplate, useless, unreadable, uninspiring and worse; as
    if they were being edited by the worse creativity-killing editor
    in the world. Finally, his articles started coming out under
    the name of Denis Seller – i.e. not only his compelling creativity
    died, but even his name slowly faded away. Now, Denis Seller
    is Mr. Apple Patents analyst and suddenly Neo appears at MacNN?
    What is going on?

  2. Hmmm, looking at the modular logic board patent, its the iMac. Apple just patented putting a computer inside a monitor. — BUT–
    If I read the patent right, they also patented putting a computer in different places around the house. ie a wireless computing system in the house.

    Now the pictures are of an old iMac but the description talks about putting different parts in different places, with or with out wires. ?????

    Anyone else read the patent???


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