Insurers offer to cover the music on your iPod from loss, theft

“For millions of consumers, music downloads are replacing CDs and – for those dinosaurs who just can’t let go – vinyl as the way they like to listen to tracks by their favourite bands,” Isabelle Kassam reports for The Independent.

“But what if your treasured collection is destroyed by fire or flood or carted off by the local cat burglar? You can claim on your insurance for records, tapes and CDs but, at least until recently, any compensation request for lost music downloads will have fallen on deaf ears,” Kassam reports. “And a similar attitude will have applied to any claims for cash to replace lost games, ringtones and films.”

“But the record is no longer stuck, for insurers are finally waking up to the iPod generation, offering cover not just for our gadgets but the ‘intangible assets’ held on them,” Kassam reports. “Nationwide has been the trail-blazer, including music and other entertainment downloads as standard in its home contents cover. The building society argues – and a lot of iPod users would agree – that these virtual music collections count as family valuables, just like CDs and old LPs. Other insurers are considering a similar addition to their home contents cover.”

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  1. DBS: as you are opposed to bottom feeding, does that mean you don’t believe in insurance. I guess when your house burns down and you have no insurance we can all go to the local bank to make donations to help you out? NOT!

  2. Nameless wonder
    I live in a steel and glass structure so no it does not apply

    But hey the fact that I employ the services of bottom feeders – by your own admission insurance companies- does not mean that they are honorable institutions. I have a niece who is a successful insurance underwriter but all the same I feel she is wasting her life in that type of job

  3. insurance companies suck csck –not that there’s anything wrong with that… just an expression. no really, the insurance model is pretty much legal racketeering. the bottom of the bottom feeders. some people think that insurance companies are out to help people (just as they portray themselves in TV comercials), you know, fake heart-felt testimonials, swelling string music, a tear in your eye type stuff. people pay into this ideal… for their entire lives. what people need to realize is that most, if not all, insurance companies will try to fsck you out of ANY claim. that’s their job and they do it well.

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