Fortune compares Mac vs. Dell: ‘you’ll get more for your money with Apple’

“Apple is making applesauce out of the old canard that Macs are a lot more expensive than Windows computers,” Peter Lewis reports for Fortune.

“Now that Macintoshes use the same Intel processors found in higher-end Windows machines, and can even run Windows XP and Windows applications, the old ‘you can’t compare apples and oranges’ argument shrivels. In August, when it unveiled its new Mac Pro computers, Apple boasted that the high-end desktop machine actually cost nearly a thousand dollars less than a comparably equipped Dell Precision workstation,” Lewis reports. “One can quibble with the fairness of the comparison, but no matter how you sliced it, the Dell machine was hundreds of bucks more expensive than the Mac Pro.”

“Will the same hold true for Dell’s consumer computers? It certainly looks that way, with a new $999 price point for a 17-inch iMac. Sure, you can get a PC and monitor for less money, but not with anything close to the power and multimedia features and software and ease of use of the iMac,” Lewis reports.

“At the high end, the new Intel Core 2 Duo 24-inch iMac introduced last week is theoretically a consumer machine, although I suspect it will catch the attention of many graphic designers and other digital media mavens,” Lewis reports. “So let’s put ‘apples and oranges’ to the test, and compare the new 24-inch iMac to a Dell XPS 410 media PC.”

Lewis configured the two machines as closely as he could and found that the iMac is $70 more expensive than the XPS 410. “Is the Mac arguably $70 more valuable? It depends on how much value you place on the iMac’s appealing space-saving, one-piece design, on the more advanced and more secure operating system, and on the broad collection of Apple software that comes with the machine,” Lewis reports. “In my view, the extra $70 represents one of the best bargains in the PC world… There have always been lots of reasons to buy a Macintosh computer, but now there is no longer a reason not to buy one.”

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  1. Apple does the thinking for its customers and starts them out with a powerful baseline model. There’s plenty of expansion available from there in all the directions that really matter.

  2. Macs have always been competitively priced, but now that the components are more similar, people can easily see the truth of this.

    I think it’s funny how every tech writer used to say Macs were too expensive and now that they have Intel chips, they’re suddenly cheaper (even though the price points have actually gone up slightly).

  3. I swear to God- a friend of mine, Financial Analyst, just called me this morn., apparently had seen the Fortune article (out in print now? maybe he saw online), left message-

    “OK, I guess it’s time to get a new computer, gonna be Mac this time, every magazine I read says ‘Mac’, so give me a call and tell me what to buy.

  4. What’s really great is that Apple is only getting started. They are able to offer products like the $999 iMac and the $1099 MacBook now – imagine the things they’ll be able to offer as Mac marketshare expands greatly along with their buying power with respect to their suppliers.

  5. Usually Right:
    I’m getting the same response from windown people around me.

    At a certain point, the herd mentality is gonna kick in. We bought Macs because we made an informed decision. People are gonna start buying Macs because everyone else is doing it. It’s all good anyway you buy it.

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