No Core 2 Duo ‘Merom’ Apple notebooks until MacWorld Expo in January 2007?

“Sources deep within Intel tell us everything is going swimmingly for the new MCW cores, but Apple won’t produce a laptop with Merom until 2007. The delay is most likely due to a convergence of two things, production and Apple’s limited range,” Charlie Demerjian reports for The Inquirer.

Demerjian reports, “Intel has said that MCW, nee Core 2^2 the second, will hit about 20% of their production on new years eve, but what they don’t offer up is the split for M/C/W. Unless you have had your head buried in the sand, you know that Woodcrest is getting the lion’s share of production, over 70% of Xeons will be new. Conroe is next in line with 20+%, followed by a syphilitic trickle of Meroms.”

“So, said trickle means that you don’t put the few Meroms you get in anything but the highest end lowest volume models of your lineup. If you have a dozen models, you might pick one to be graced by the new wondercore. If you are Apple with two or four models, depending on how you count, then you can’t really get enough to supply even one model,” Demerjian reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: If this report is reliable (and there is some question as Core 2 Duo iMacs were released yesterday), then our best guess for Apple to debut Intel Core 2 Duo-powered notebooks would be Macworld Expo in San Francisco, January 8-12.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

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  1. the core2duos in the imac areonly 667mhz frontside bus, thats pretty bad – my G5 is about 1.35ghz frontside bus. better to wait till next year with the faster bus speeds. or get a macpro unless you absolutly need a portable

  2. Sorry, this report just doesn’t make any sense.

    For one thing, HP, Dell, and all the other big-name PC makers have already announced Core 2 notebooks.

    Now we’re expected to believe that Apple is going to have to wait until 2007 because of chip supply issues when all the other players combined dwarf Apple in raw volume? While all the other PC makers sell Merom notebooks by the millions?

    The idiotic blathering of the Inquirer rears its head again.

  3. Ampar, Anybody who doesn’t already have iLife – preferably ’06 – is beyond hope of ever having a ‘life’ – unless they are planning to switch Real Soon Now!

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. When I tipped MDN to the story I commented that:

    I knew that a delay was in store when, roughly a month ago, Intel said that the first 10 weeks of Core 2 production would only amount to 1 million chips. I did not realize that it would take until the end of the year to get production up to the levels of supporting Apple’s notebooks. The good part is that MacBook and MacBook Pro sales are humongous.

  5. Boo! I want my new MacBook Pro! I’m itching to upgrade from a 17″ G4 Powerbook (as lovely as it is). More power, faster, FASTER!

    Oh well. At least I won’t have to wait as long after buying it to upgrade my Creative Suite..

  6. This story lost ALL credibility as soon as I saw “The Inquirer.”

    “Apple’s limited range”


    really WHAT??!?

    all they have to do is decide to do it, and solder those chips on instead of the existing chips….

    They will likely up the MBPros to the core 2 duo in the next month or so.

    And the original Core Duo will remain in the MacBooks until intel has a better chip for the same money.

    I wish I could spout garbage to make money.

  7. This excerpt from the last paragraph of the article speaks to the credibility of the story:

    “Since it is mole migration season, I have been asking many of the little critters streaming past my house, and they all say that iMeromBooks are a 2007 product.”

    -nuf said.

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