Apple Computer rallies to 4-month high

Shares of Apple Computer (AAPL : $72.5801, +$2.5501, +3.64%) are rallying to hit a 4-month high, “and have now gained 42% since closing at a 9-month low of $50.67 on July 14. Analyst Benjamin Reitzes at UBS said he believes Apple will unveil on Sept. 12 ‘a major move into the digital home’ which may have the potential to multiply its revenue streams,” Tomi Kilgore reports for MarketWatch.

“Reitzes said the move could also result in higher sales of Mac computers. Reitzes also reiterated his buy rating on the stock, but raised his price target to $92 from $80,” Kilgore reports.

Full article here.

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  1. “This is like saying, “I predict a few days will be cloud during the next month.”
    Come off it, Stockboy…this was a non-prediction that happened to be coincidentally correct because of its blandness.
    You predicted AAPL would be heading to the 40s, but it seems to be moving to the opposite direction. And now that it’s moving so contrary to your predictions, you give a pass at giving us another prediction.”
    NewType (aka Jimbo) – Wrong you are on all accounts!
    While everyone else was rah-rah-rahing Apple to $100…$140, etc. I in Jan./Feb were predicting that when Apple fell from $85 it would stay at its current trading range at the time and not go above the $65-$70 mark for 6 months. I was called all sorts of names and as you can see above the anti-Stockboy crowd still remembers my predictions. And how right I was!
    Yeah, new typed, it is easy to predict the right thing when you know what you are doing. The pros always make it look easy. Please….no more applause. And no, I will not be authoring a stock picking book.
    I never predicted Apple in the 40s and if so that would be in trading range at the time of its drop from $85. I think Apple went down to just above $50 at one time. (But, “newParts”, just throwing in a little disinformation on your part is cool for you unStockboys. I understand how you can be bitter that you are wrong….again.)
    So now you will have to let Jimbo von. M and the others give their fearless, blinders-on, foot in mouth prognostications and be wrong as usual.
    But that´s the score with losers – its better to be loud than right!

  2. So stockboy… what’s your prediction? Enough with the past BS… Are you in, or out on AAPL? And if not, what are you investing in, if you don’t mind telling us? I’m always looking for a tip that makes sense. Anything in particular look good to you, if not AAPL. I’m sure there are plenty of stocks with a big upside, I just don’t know what they are, and wouldn’t mind some insight. Thanx.

  3. Stockboy, do you–or do you not–have a current account with a recognized brokerage firm here in the USA?

    If you do, and if you are willing to put what little money you have where your cavernous mouth is, I will arrange for my broker to contact yours to compare portfolios, focusing especially on our AAPL holdings, long and/or short term positions.

    We will let a neutral third party compare the confirmed assets thereof and report back to the MDN site master whether YOU or I have the larger, more profitable portfolio, especially (once again) when it comes to our involvement with AAPL over the years. (Fair warning: You’d better be able to top 5,600 shares, average price $10.50.)

    So, got the cojones, Big Mouth? If you truly believe that I, Jimbo, and others on this site are the “losers” when it comes to this equity, let’s DO IT!

    I shall await your response.

  4. Um, hate to correct you, Stockboy, but you most certainly DID predict Apple stock would move to $47 a share a couple of months ago. You play awfully fast and loose with the truth, young man; either that or your memory is terribly suspect. Perhaps less time in the sun?

  5. After persistent rumors of Apple releasing Newton socks, which also fits the feet of grown men, stock went to an all time high, while brokers questioned each other about the real catch here. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    No more nonsense!!!!

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