Apple Computer rallies to 4-month high

Shares of Apple Computer (AAPL : $72.5801, +$2.5501, +3.64%) are rallying to hit a 4-month high, “and have now gained 42% since closing at a 9-month low of $50.67 on July 14. Analyst Benjamin Reitzes at UBS said he believes Apple will unveil on Sept. 12 ‘a major move into the digital home’ which may have the potential to multiply its revenue streams,” Tomi Kilgore reports for MarketWatch.

“Reitzes said the move could also result in higher sales of Mac computers. Reitzes also reiterated his buy rating on the stock, but raised his price target to $92 from $80,” Kilgore reports.

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  1. Stoooooooooock Boooooooooooy???? Where are you Stock Boy? I’m thinking you are stocking the shelves at the local 7-11. Yep, that’s where you are. It was less than 2 months ago when you told us that AAPL was heading to $40. Luckily, I knew you were a contraindicator and I bought more stock down in the low $50s! I hope for your sake that you didn’t know how to short AAPL at that time, because you would have lost over $20 per share by now.

    Oh wait, I guess I DO hope you knew how to short, and that you lost your ass.

    (Don’t know why I’m writing this – stock boy is not going to show his face back here again.)

  2. First: Zune marketing will hit hard, but Apple is about to deliver a blow Redmond is not ready to handle.

    And as our TWiT friends have said “Zune is enough to kill Zune…” Another non-starter from Redmond.

    Still, the market will get gittery and question whether MS will take out iPod…

    Second: Vista will come at Apple full force, but this will largely be countered by a massive Leopard marketing blitz. Still, Wall St. will worry about Vista’s potential to slow Mac adoption, but will proove out to be largely unfounded.

    Third: Apple should shock the market in taking the living room market rapidly away from any Windows Media PC share, and open the arena for mass adoption, much to the shagrin of Hollywood. obviously, this is not a stock consern, but an obvious boost to revenue and profits for Apple.

    Fourth: Last but not least, a virtual phone network, with iPhones. Another boost to Wall Steets approval of Apple.

  3. As Stockboy correctly predicted in Jan-Feb. that Apple would trade in the $65-$70 price zone for at least 6 months.
    Yes, Stockboy was right.
    Thank you, “Jimbo von Mohammed” and “Vinita BOY” and “Stock Boy’s Illegitimate Child” for bringing my wonderful predictions forward for the crowd to congratulate me on.
    Thank you! No, please sit down, a standing ovation is not needed.
    Where is G. Thurman who predicted $81 by July 21, 2006? Now there is a boy who bet his pennies wrong.

    You amateurs just can´t take it when someone is correct.
    Want my new prediction with Apple stock?
    Nah….you guys don´t have the money to be in the stock market.
    Hint…think Steve´s health.

  4. I can’t give anyone here guidance without disclosures. All I can say is I personally added significantly more AAPL to me and my affiliates portfolios on Tuesday.

    Rock on Steve!

    MDN ‘Magic Word”: forward as in forward looking statements

  5. “As Stockboy correctly predicted in Jan-Feb. that Apple would trade in the $65-$70 price zone for at least 6 months.”

    This is like saying, “I predict a few days will be cloud during the next month.”

    Come off it, Stockboy…this was a non-prediction that happened to be coincidentally correct because of its blandness.

    You predicted AAPL would be heading to the 40s, but it seems to be moving to the opposite direction. And now that it’s moving so contrary to your predictions, you give a pass at giving us another prediction.

    So you have the money to play with stocks? Then put up or shut up instead of giving vague non-predictions that sound like it actually means something, but is full of nothing.

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