Speculation ramps up ahead of Apple Computer’s ‘It’s Showtime’ event

“Apple Computer sent out invitations Tuesday to an event next week in San Francisco with the clue ‘It’s Showtime’ — fueling speculation about its plans to distribute movies online,” Michelle Quinn reports for The Mercury News.

“One rumor has Apple Computer announcing it will begin to sell full-length movies that can be downloaded at its iTunes store,” Quinn reports. “Another predicts the Cupertino company will start to sell video iPods with bigger screens. Or maybe it will be an iTunes cell phone. Still another has the company selling a video streaming device that could put video on any screen in the home, including the television.”

Quinn reports, “They all might be true. What seems certain is that Tuesday in San Francisco, Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, will don his trademark black turtleneck shirt and jeans, take the stage at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theatre and unveil new products and services, striving to cast an iPod spell on the Christmas shopping season.”

Quinn reports, “The invitation itself contains a few big hints. Spotlights scan the sky on a black, gray and white background, illuminating the Apple logo in the center. “It’s Showtime” may be the biggest clue and one that has led Apple aficionados to wide speculation. ‘The word ‘showtime’ may mean Apple is going to go more into long-form video, perhaps motion pictures,’ said Michael Gartenberg, vice president and research director at Jupiter Research in New York. ‘Whether it’s a rental or subscription model or on what devices, I can’t say. With Steve Jobs, it can always be one more thing as well.'”

“But ‘It’s Showtime’ could just refer to the show that Jobs will put on. Not everyone believes the announcement is only going to be about movies. ‘It’s been a year since we’ve seen new iPods,’ said Larry Angell, senior editor at iLounge… ‘Apple’s not going to let last year’s models sit on shelves for the second straight holiday shopping season. The only question is whether Apple has a radically new iPod ready or if we’ll see more minor revisions.’ But Angell said it is possible the company will introduce a ‘home media product,’ something that will make it possible to download music, movies and TV shows into the living room,” Quinn reports.

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After clearing the decks with today’s iMac and Mac mini announcements, Apple must feel they have some really big news – that they don’t want to be muddled in any way – planned for next Tuesday’s special media event.

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  1. It’s starting to sound quite interesting!

    What will we see?

    Steaming Movies?
    New HDTV 1080p compliant monitors? 24″ iMac 1080p just released today…
    New Mac mini SetTop Box?
    High-Speed Airport?

    The X-Mas list could go on and on…

  2. Hmmmm. I don’t know about you, but there are way too many days between now and the 12th for me to get cranked. Hype leads to dissappointment. Usually. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Hey

    Steaming Movies?
    New HDTV 1080p compliant monitors? 24″ iMac 1080p just released today…
    New Mac mini SetTop Box?
    High-Speed Airport?

    I like this idea but it doesn’t make any sense to me.

    THe new macs have extreme cards as standard. If a new airport extreme exists surely they’d release the new macs after High speed airport.

    my 2 cents



  4. How about, just this once, we set our expectations low. Let’s say we think it’ll either be the addition of movies to iTMS, or a new video iPod, or if we’re really lucky, both. That way, if they don’t come out with the 60″ iMac everyone is drooling over, or a flying car, there won’t be curses thrown from every direction.

  5. The new computers may be 802.11n draft 2.0 compliant and are upgradable. Apple has in the past sold items and not fully publicized their true capabilities.

    I hope SJ forgoes his turtleneck and wears his old Bow Tie that he used to wear when Apple was still young. That would surprise analysts and people who only started following Apple in recent years

  6. Lowered expectations sounds great. Like expecting an “F” for a class and coming out with a C-, its really fun. So let me help us out: expect the iPod Hi-Fi mobile. All they’ll do is add a shoulder strap to that thing.

    So when they add a freakin tape player to the ipod it will be a pleasant surprise, and put all the FM playing iPod/iTunes wannabe’s out of business.

  7. iPhone… iPhone… iPhone…

    (need to replace my POS Sony Ericsson)

    Notice one major aspect of all cell phones that totally sucks (besides the GUI)? Web integration…

    If Apple would release an unlocked iPhone which has perfect .mac and web integration (possibly even Google), this could turn the phone industry model upside down, like Apple did to the MP3 player market. Soon buying phones independent of your carrier would become the norm.

    MW: line. I’d be first in line for an iPhone.

  8. Look at the new mac mini site. You will see a screen shot that if you look carefully you will see a splash screen tucked in there that looks like a screen with movie choices. At the top of the screen pic it says “Wallace & Gromit”. Look at that graphic. It is right behind the media chooser of Front Row.

    The cat is out the hat or bag.

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