Wired’s Kahney: Apple’s Mac Pro ‘speaks power’ with ‘a weapon aesthetic, like an expensive handgun’

Apple Store“I just took delivery of my new Mac Pro, which is a workstation — not a computer — that’s designed for serious film editing or Photoshop gymnastics,” Leander Kahney reports for Wired News. “I’ll use it mostly for e-mail and photos of my kids, and I’m wondering if I’ve overindulged my needs. But what’s ‘needs’ got to do with it? I’ve wanted this machine for a long time. I’ve been waiting for the Intel upgrade since Steve Jobs said it was coming about a year ago.”

“This is as slick a toy for adults as can be had, and it’s the most beautiful computer I’ve ever owned,” Kahney reports. “The machine speaks power. Fashioned from thick, sturdy aluminum, it has a weapon aesthetic, like an expensive handgun. I abhor guns, but I admire how beautifully they’re made. Same with this full metal Macintosh. Every component is precision tuned.”

MacDailyNews Take: First, why does Kahney “abhor” guns? “Abhor” means to “regard with disgust and hatred.” So, Kahney hates an inanimate object? Maybe he means he abhors “gun violence?” Now, that would be understandable, even if still a totally irrelevant statement to include in a computer review.

And secondly, does this combination of statements mean that he “abhors” Mac Pros, too? Kahney writes, “same with this full metal Macintosh” directly after writing “I abhor guns, but I admire how beautifully they’re made,” so we’re naturally a bit confused. It sounds like he “abhors” Mac Pros, same as with guns, but admires their design and quality of manufacture.

We have to wonder, does Kahney really “abhor” guns or is he just trying (consciously or subconsciously) to interject some measure of political correctness and therefore needlessly confusing his point? Our point isn’t that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Our point is that perhaps Kahney should leave politics out of computer hardware reviews, if his real purpose is to review computer hardware. Otherwise, as we’ll all probably see below, the hardware review will be buried by the author’s unnecessary inclusion of some irrelevant “belief.”

Kahney continues, “The machine starts up super fast; it seems like 15 or 20 seconds. IPhoto is very fast and zippy. Photos are sucked up from the camera in a flash (gotta love USB2), and tens of thousands of pictures whip smoothly up and down the screen. My old G5 used to stutter.”

“However, I’m disappointed at the speed of Safari, which often takes forever to load a page. In fact, it’s a dog. It can be painfully slow. This may be my cable connection, but it’s probably not. My PowerBook, sharing the same connection via Wi-Fi, isn’t as slow. I haven’t yet had a chance to try Firefox or tweak my settings with a tool like Broadband Optimizer,” Kahney reports.

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  1. I don’t see what is wrong with abhoring guns. They were invented for the sole purpose of killing. I understand that collectors have an interest in them for various reasons, but the simple fact is that they were invented for violence. I don’t think that he’s trying to make a political statement any more than MDN is trying to make a statement using the age old statement of “guns don’t kill people….”.

  2. Yes, I know that my previous statement opens us up to another political argument in an MDN forum. So, let’s see if I can change the subject: How ’bout that AAPL stock price, eh? I do not see Stockboy lurking around today. He’s probably stocking more shelves and can’t get a lunch break to play on the computer. He was here about $20 ago down in the $50’s telling us to sell. I held and have made a freakin’ ton of money!!!

  3. You’re right… I don’t think there was any reason to point out the gun metaphor in that way other than a political reason.

    We all know that MDN is right-leaning, but there’s no need for them to get upset about gun control when the guy is saying something good about Mac.

    Isn’t that why we’re all here?

  4. Like most Liberals, Kahney is a knee-jerk, bleeding heart who hasn’t really thought his positions through. From trying tell Steve Jobs what to do with his own money earlier this year to abhorring finely-crafted machines that are also used for hunting (controlling overpopulation, for you Libs) Olympic target sports, etc., Kahney is obviously a Liberal.

    Kahney is obviously a someone living in a Liberal big city who hangs around with other like-minded Liberals who never challenge each other about their ideas.

    It sounds nice to say you “abhor guns,” until you really give it some thought.

  5. Guns are a lot more efficient than a bow and arrows or a spear or a knife.

    Given a scope and a long barrel and you can kill your prey at 100 to 500 meters or more. It reduces the risks involved.

    Some sick people even hunt their fellow man.

    If guns were restricted man would resort back to other, more primitive weapons. Man would still kill but he would be a lot less efficient and take more risks.

  6. I think you’re too late Jimbo. Good thing you didn’t mention neocons, liberals, Al Gore, Muslims, Republicans losing House seats, Belgian waffles, Moroccans, maracas, Marrakesh, Tony Blair, Linda Blair, Linda Blair’s maracas, homicide bombers, Steve Irwin being attacked by a Corvette, Bush’s mission accomplished, a national sales tax, thumb tacks, tacky tech writers, . . .whew. Good thing.

  7. I tried to leave him a little feedback earlier because I didn’t understand his RAM rant. 3Gb of RAM to do basic computing? WTFE!!! Anything over 2 Gb isn’t necessary unless you’re editing video or rocking on some Photoshop manipulations. Most home users only need 1 Gb to handle their tasks (including iMovie), so I worry that he’s inadvertently scaring the hell out of some people by implying you have to spend an extra grand on memory.

    That being said, his article is meant to be complimentary and that’s a good thing. I’ll admit I thought I was nitpicking about the RAM thing, but MDN made me feel sane once again with their detailed grammatical review of the word “abhor”. Jeez man, I can almost predict your drug use cycles by the MDN Take on articles throughout the day. I think you’re smack dab in the middle of a bad trip on this one, what else could explain the paranoid attack on grammar in a COMPLIMENTARY ARTICLE!!

    Speed kills MDN, lighten up!

  8. A gun in the hand of a friend is a wonderful sight. Many guns are a work of art. The freedoms we enjoy (In the US) were won by citizens wielding their guns in the face of an unreasonable foreign government. You may not like to hear the old statement, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” but it is the truth. I can not wait for the day that we do not need weapons, but till that day, I want the citizenry armed and ready to withstand any attack.

    Do you abhor the gun that stops the murderer or rapist? Do you abhor the gun that kills the terrorist bent on your destruction? I do not want a political debate on this page, but I am not going to ignore your comments.

    Of course with you I agree, the higher AAPL goes, the better!

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