It’s Showtime: Apple invites media to special event in San Francisco on September 12th

In an email sent out to media this morning, Apple has announced a special media event to be held on September 12th.

The invitation states, “It’s Showtime” along with the usual white Apple logo and sweeping Hollywood movie premiere spotlights.

Apple’s special media event is scheduled for Tuesday, September 12, 10am local time at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater (, 700 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA.

[UPDATE: 1:15pm EDT: According to CNET’s Matthew Elliott , “Steve Jobs is set to take the stage for [the] press event next Tuesday, September 12.]

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  1. Who wants to buy a movie, take up hard drive space, & watch it once a year for $9.95??? Better yet! Rent the movie for $1.95 & have it stop working after a week!! I’d rent those all day long.

  2. “Who wants to buy a movie, take up hard drive space, & watch it once a year for $9.95??? Better yet! Rent the movie for $1.95 & have it stop working after a week!! I’d rent those all day long.”

    I’ll agree–I fall into this camp.

    I bought one TV episode. It was an episode of “24” that I missed one week. I wanted to see exactly what had happened. I figured out what had happened in broad strokes from the fact that certain characters weren’t around anymore. I watched it, went, “Ah ha! So that’s why!” and have never watched it again.

    One of the interesting things would also be a streaming service for movies. Watch it for $1.95 streamed or own it for $9.95. With a large enough library, I’d go for something like that. I’d even go out and get the hardware to do it with my TV set(s)…

  3. What movies tend to be watched over and over again — especially if you’ve got young kids? That’s right — DISNEY movies.

    And who is now on the board of Disney?

    Disney has been famous for restricting the flow of their movies — they’ll release them for a brief period of time, then lock them up in the vault for years. (I would love a copy of the original “Fantasia” — I love that movie!)

    I expect an iTunes Movie Store announcement, in partnership with Disney; expect it to include software (and DRM) to allow a single burn to DVD. Once Disney is on board, and the other movie companies see how successful it is, expect them to jump on the iBandwagon.

    Still have doubts about the feasibility of a touch-screen iPod, especially if you want to make adjustments like switching tracks or adjusting volume without having to physically look at the product. The only way it would work is if the touchscreen model is for videos only (since you’re looking at it anyway) and return the clickwheel model to audio use only. Wouldn’t be surprised if higher capacity iPods (80GB? 100GB) were announced — I know several folks who are at or near capacity on their 60GB models.

    MW — not: Folks who are hoping for Merom MacBooks/MBPs will have to wait till January at the earliest — Apple is not going to want to upset the early adopters who ran out and bought MBPs in February of this year. Sorry, gang…

  4. For those hoping for a rental service with expiring files, don’t hold your breath..Hollywood will not allow it.. This is going to be a “purchase the movie” download service.

    Selling DVD’s is a 17 Billion dollar a year business, this is what Apple will be going after.

  5. Is Apple stealing Eddy Murphy’s material now? “It’s showtime!” was his character’s line in the movie Showtime.

    I predict movie downloads, updated iMacs with a 1080p HD capable model, widescreen iPods and, I hope, Airport AV that can do SD video.

  6. – No more Netflix via postal mail (wait for move, pay monthly fee $17.99, only 3 movies at a time.)
    – No more video on demand (purchase only good for 24hrs)
    – No more double trips to the video store (one to rent, one to return)

    All you need is a high speed Internet connection, a Mac and a new low cost Apple device.

    Walmart better be scared. Here comes the video rental and purchase wrecking ball!

  7. The searchlights motif, “Showtime” banner, and the fact the presentation will be made in a theater seem to indicate something related to films or multimedia. Forget about your iMacs and iPhones, make some popcorn instead.

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