It’s Showtime: Apple invites media to special event in San Francisco on September 12th

In an email sent out to media this morning, Apple has announced a special media event to be held on September 12th.

The invitation states, “It’s Showtime” along with the usual white Apple logo and sweeping Hollywood movie premiere spotlights.

Apple’s special media event is scheduled for Tuesday, September 12, 10am local time at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater (, 700 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA.

[UPDATE: 1:15pm EDT: According to CNET’s Matthew Elliott , “Steve Jobs is set to take the stage for [the] press event next Tuesday, September 12.]

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  1. Sorry… Its already possible to have long bat life with a wide 4″ size screen… Beyond the iPod’s I have. I also have a Cowon A2. 6 to 10 hours of video. 4″ screen 30gb hd…

    All Apple needs is content to fill it. AKA something simple and as easy as iTune & iPod combo. Only then will a iVideo be avaiable.

  2. I’m with iYann, “I say new software similar to iTunes but for movie rentals ($3.99 5-days, $4.99 new releases) and purchases ($9.99 and $14.99).”

    Movie rentals would be great since I already use OnDemand from Comcrap but hate the limited selection. I don’t buy enough movies to warrant a purchase service but it’d be nice to offer both options.

  3. Yea, I was just lookin a refurb macs for fun today and noticed this in a Macbook Pro’s Learn More:

    It’s Showtime
    If you need to present to a group, or you’d like to just watch MacBook Pro from across your hotel room, you’ve got everything you need. With the Front Row interface and Apple Remote, you’re free to sit or stand across the room and present photos, movies and music at the click of your remote.

  4. I would be very interested in something that will work with my HDTV. Either DLing movies for purchase or rent. So I’m hoping for:

    Upgraded mac mini
    Itunes movie service that’s suitable for HDTV
    Larger screen ipod.

    Not much to ask for!!

  5. IF there is a new device for the living room, I suspect it will not be exclusive to Mac, but will also interface to PC’s for movie download (same as iTunes and iPod works on PC’s today).

    Apple become the dominant force in the market by including the Windows community. If not at first, I suspect v.2 of the device will not be Mac exclusive.

  6. I’m sure that there’s going to be many, “… and one more thing!” at that announcement. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> Everyone’s been rumoring about iPhones. Could they be introducing those, besides the obvious, iTunes movies?

    Something to do with HDTV would be great. This is an untapped technology resource that everyone (even the computer illiterate) will be buying in the next five years. If Apple gets on the ground floor of this, they can kick some butt. My Mac’s monitor has been fantastic for viewing movies. It wouldn’t be much of an extra effort to make something for HDTV.

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