RUMOR: Apple to launch iMac Core 2 Duo, movie store, new iPods on September 12th

Apple Store“Tuesday, 12 September is the big coming out day for Core 2 Duo-based iMacs, new generations of iPod and iPod Nano, and Apple’s iTunes Movie store, it has been claimed after Apple began mailing out invites to the media to come along to Cupertino or attend a London-hosted simulcast of the proceedings,” Tony Smithe reports for The Register.

“A satellite transmission to Europe isn’t a common Apple press conference strategy, suggesting Tuesday’s events will indeed be something special,” Smith reports.

Full article here.

“Apple will take advantage of a September 12 media event to introduce the second-generation iPod nano, an updated 5G iPod, and upgraded iMacs,” Ryan Katz reports for ThinkSecret.

“The event will see the introduction of the second-generation iPod nano and upgraded 5G iPod. As reported by Think Secret in July, the new nano will sport increased capacities and be available in multiple colors with a metal finish. The upgraded iPod, meanwhile, is expected to sport increased capacities at the same price points,” Katz reports. “The new iPod will not be the long-awaited touch-screen iPod, which is currently tracking for an early 2007 release. Sources have noted, however, that there remains a small possibility that the revolutionary new iPod could arrive in time for the holidays…”

“The September 12 event will also include the introduction of an upgraded iMac. As noted previously, the line is slated to receive faster Core 2 Duo processors and will also see the addition of a new, high-end 23-inch model,” Katz reports.

Full article here.

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  1. Jeve, they may make a bigger fuss over the iMac upgrade than they did over the mini upgrade, but I doubt it will be quite so radical.
    a) black was a big hit for the MacBook – and it didn’t yellow
    b) losing the 17″? more likely a 17″ eMac (demotion)(price cut)

  2. Jeff, these all look like incremental upgrades to me. Capacity bumps, except for the Movie Store – and even that is merely an extension of an existing product. (iTMS already there, already selling audio, already distributing video) Sure, the Core 2 Duo shift is sort of like going from G4 to G5, but the technology is already out there. Do the need Steve to announce “Black, we have BLACK iMacs” or “bigger, better, wider”?

  3. I heard a rumor a while ago about iTunes servers being updated to include the Apple Lossless quailty version of songs.

    My speculation is that the launch of higher capacity iPods will be launched with the announcement of ‘FULL CD QUALITY MUSIC’.

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