Singer-songwriter John Mayer tests Nike+iPod Sport Kit onstage

“Just got the new Nike + iPod kit (not linking to billion dollar companies, sorry) and the little Don Herbert in me wondered: just how much does a singer-songwriter exert himself on stage? After a 90 minute set, here are the results,” John Mayer blogs for

Distance: .54 mi – this is probably due to my crazy foot dance setting the sensor off. I believe Slash in G’n’R circa 1990 could have actually logged this distance.

Time: 1:32’35”

Pace: 2:50’54″/mi

Calories: 75 – I gotta think this is a bit low. I do a lot of squeezing up there that’s not accounted for.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Karl” for the heads up.]
For those that might not know, Don Herbert is better known as Mr. Wizard. Also, we’re not shy (we don’t know why the guy who, on two separate occasions, helped Steve Jobs present GarageBand to the world would be, either), so step right up, click that mouse, and get yer very own Nike+iPod Sport Kit right here: Nike+iPod Sport Kit. Only $29.00.

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  1. Mayer is such a jerk.

    Completely unaware of himself. I know, i’ve met him on more than one occasion.

    Also…HIs vocal style is built on a fake voice that he does on purpose for effect. Eddie Vedder and every English metal band from the 80’s does the same thing. No one sings like that.

    Not that this has anything to do with the article above.

    I’m just pissed cuz he made it in the music biz and I didn’t.
    I hope for his sake the biz doesn’t destroy him when the ride is over.

    There! I finally got to tell the world the truth about him.
    Now maybe I can move on.

  2. Gotta give him some props… The guy can play the guitar. He is still finding himself as a musician.

    He’s had a few good pop songs, his blues stuff is off and his new jazz/pop is sterile but has potential.


  3. Maybe it’s Nike he’s hesitant about linking to, not Apple…

    I’ve got the sport kit, but I’m having trouble finding the proper shoes in my size…at 8-1/2 Wide (women’s size), I’ve got barge feet… 🙁

  4. I am not impressed with Mayers’ singing or songs but the guitar playing he did in Dallas a few years ago when Clapton had his “Guitar Tent Revival” as I call it was very good. Now if he would just clear his throat and never do the Dave Mathews Tribute style again he just might make something of himself…

  5. TowerTone and everyone:

    Check out “The John Mayer Trio”. It’s a blues project he did with Drummer Steve Jordan and Bassist Pino Palladino.

    iTunes- John Mayer Trio

    If you think John Mayer is just “Your Body Is A Wonderland” Pop, then you probably think that Macs and Windows are the same because they both have mice. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  6. wrong place wrong use, John! kit is not designed for singing on the stage OK? it’s only working when you walk or run in open space. if you’re not jerk enough, please read manual, understand item mechanism. thank you.

  7. john mayer is undoubtfully the most talented musician the world has seen since the beatles. everyones hard on him because he expresses himself without the need for heavy music dont be mad that he made it im sure hes a much more capable musician than anyone else who posted on this thing. “Lightweight” is a poor word to use, he not trying to distinguish himself as a rock artist, if you listened to him AT ALL you would see that his taste is very eclectic and he chooses to incorporate many different types of music into what he plays. Hes a good guitarist, great lyricist and has a good voice the guy has got it all

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