MacLibre 2 released: free, open source software collection for Mac OS X

MacLibre, a rigorous selection of free, legal software for Mac OS X. MacLibre is an Open Source Software Distribution for Mac OS X developed during the Google Summer of Code program mentored by the WinLibre project.

This project is developed under the GPL public license.

Featured applications:

• Audacity
• Blender
• Gimp
• Inkscape

• Adium
• Colloquy
• Cyberduck
• Fire
• Firefox
• Nvu
• Thunderbird
• Vienna

• HandBrake
• MPlayer

• AbiWord
• NeoOffice

• ClamXav
• DesktopManager
• iTerm
• VirtueDesktops
• X11

More info and download link here.

[UPDATE: 10:42am EDT: Changed headline as per request below.]


  1. Could you change the title so that this doesn’t look like an article that only lawyers would be interested in?

    (“Legal software” to me doesn’t mean “legally purchased”, it means software relating to lawyers, judges and transcriptionists).

    “MacLibre 2 released: free, legal software collection for Mac OS X”
    = Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

    “MacLibre 2 released: free, Open Source Software Distribution for Mac OS X”

    …that looks like something I’d actually read about…

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    In fact I read the page by accident…I dragged the link to a tab and it loaded just as I realized I didn’t care, if it was about “legal software”.

    Then I saw “Blender” and I was like “wth does a lawyer want a 3D app for”? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

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