“Apple has a significant opportunity to trump Vista as the desktop OS—if only it would stop insisting on being the sole hardware supplier for the operating system,” Jim Louderback writes for PC Magazine.

Louderback writes, “”The new version of OS X is also impressive. After a recent tour, I found myself constantly asking, ‘When will Vista do that?'”

“It’s not wishful thinking. I’ve talked with top execs from two of the top ten PC makers recently, and both said they’d be more than happy to sell PCs running OS X. One was Michael Dell, who promised to start selling OS X-based machines as soon as Apple opened the doors. The other will remain nameless, but went even further, claiming he’d chuck Windows out of the building in a New York minute, and deliver a 100% OS X lineup. If only Apple would let him,” Louderback writes.

“I wonder whether Apple realizes how much Windows angst is out in the market… Now is the time for Apple to do OS licensing right. And they should go further than just licensing the OS to PC vendors. Why not let the alpha geeks build their own OS X machines too? Will the next PC I buy (or build) actually run OS X 10.5? I’m tempted to pick up a Mac Pro today, as the pricing is pretty good for such a powerful machine. I’d still run Vista on it—at least at first,” Louderback writes.

Louderback writes, “I’m not sure the company’s own ego will allow itself to embrace the opportunity. But—Apple, are you listening?—now is the time to seize the day.”

Full article, in which Louderback makes easily-avoidable mistakes (“Infinity Loop” instead of Infinite Loop” for Apple’s corporate address) and inserts random statements without explanation (“I’m still not sold on OS X as an alternative to Vista”), here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Island Girl” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Apple is doing just fine executing its “Embrace and Extinguish” plan. There’s no need to save Dell et al with Mac OS X licensing. You want Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux running natively on one machine? Get a Mac.

[UPDATE: 12:55pm EDT: Corrected easily-avoidable error “its” in “Take.” Thanks, Grammar Nazi.]

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