OWC reduces prices on Apple-Qualified Mac Pro Quad Xeon memory

Apple StoreOther World Computing (OWC) today announced price reductions and same day availability for its 2GB to 16GB Fully Buffered DIMM (FB-DIMM) 667MHz DDR2 72 Bit ECC (error correcting) OWC Mac Pro Upgrade Kits for the new Intel-based Apple “Mac Pro Quad Xeon” Tower with retail pricing now starting at $495.00.

OWC Mac Pro Upgrade Kits are comprised of matched pair FB-DIMM modules that use Apple-Qualified Heat Spreaders to meet Apple’s Mac Pro Quad Xeon memory special thermal requirements.

The OWC Mac Pro Upgrade Kits also meet the Mac Pro Quad Xeon requirement that memory be installed in matched sets. OWC Mac Pro Upgrade Kits are fully tested and backed by a Money-Back Guarantee and Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty.

OWC Mac Pro Upgrade Kits are priced from $495.00 and are offered in matched sets comprised of 1GB or 2GB modules paired in kits from 2GBs up to 16GBs total. A cash-back rebate of up to $350 per set is available from OWC for the trade-in of Apple factory memory.

OWC ships approved orders the same day when order is placed via web or toll free 800-275-4576 by 5 PM Central Standard Time. UPS Ground delivery is available at a special $2.95 Rate and Overnight Delivery is priced from less than $9.00.

For details visit: http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/memory/Mac-Pro-Memory


  1. Thanks for the advertardical MDN.

    Next time, try either reporting on it (and leaving out shipping terms) or running as a special paid advertisement.

    Your “under the radar” stuff fools no one.

    BTW, I love OWC.

  2. I wasn’t aware that was an ad-free version of MDN available.

    I got no problem with Ads (with the exception of popups and screen grabbers that require intervention).

    What I do have a problem is an arcticle that is a paid advertisement but that is not billed as such. In a magazine, these are often called “special advertising sections” because the magazines don’t want their readers to think that what does not look like an ad, is not an ad even though it is.

    MDN takes the oposite position on this and thinks it is fooling people (and probably is).

  3. do you have to use 4 dimms of the same size to get the benefit of the 256 bit wide architechture? Or can you use, say, 2 512s and 2 1gbs in the same bank.

    how much benefit do you gain by using all four slots in one bank anyway?

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