World of Warcraft aficionado flushes Apple iPod down passenger jet toilet, sparks terrorism alert

Apple Store“A World of Warcraft aficionado travelling from Chicago to Canada earlier this month to hook up with fellow gamers sparked an airborne terror alert after accidently flushing his iPod down the toilet,” Lester Haines reports for The Register.

Haines reports, “A short report in the Ottawa Citizen states: ‘A suspicious package found in an aircraft washroom on a flight from Chicago on Tuesday afternoon brought out Ottawa police canine and bomb-disposal units. A member of the crew found the package about 4 p.m., The plane landed safely and was isolated away from the terminal. Passengers were taken off the plane and questioned by police while experts investigated the ‘package.'”

Haines reports, “The blow-by-blow, first-person account on a WoW forum is far more entertaining.”

Full article here.
All aircraft should have one of these installed.

After reading the whole first-person account, our main thought was poop, er… poor iPod.

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  1. Back when I was a kid, we didn’t had expensive,

    fancy schmancy gadgets to flkush down the toilet.

    I we wanted to scare the crap out of people, we

    would run down to the fireworks stand for a purchase.

    Then we would flush a lit cherry bomb down the

    toilet. It scared people, and we were thankful.

  2. If you read the entire story, you should be scared. It would be funny, if it wasn’t our OWN GOVERNMENTS trampling all over our civil rights.

    Thank you george w. f***ing bush for the world we live in today.

  3. I read the post at the WoW forum.
    What a bunch of crap that guy had to put up with from the Canadian gov’t. The story is so tragic it’s incredibly funny. It’s also very well written.
    Too bad about his iPod.

    WoW rocks on my powermac too!

  4. PcX – the “PeaceCore” web site contains some of the most useless drivel I’ve read this year… except for anything written by Dvorak.

    “Everybody wants to get to Heaven, nobody wants to die. “

  5. Interesting analysis there nimrod. First off, I wasn’t aware the GWB was the one that crashed 2 planes into the World Trade Center towers in New York City to begin with. And secondly, I also wasn’t aware the GWB was currently the prime minister of Canada either. But thanks for clearing that up for all of us.

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