Complaints about Windows Vista’s sluggish performance keep growing

“The complaints about sluggish performance in Windows Vista keep growing. While it’s unfair to point to beta software apps—or whatever Microsoft wants to call them—the warning flags are already evident,” David Morgenstern writes for eWeek.

“A batch of complaints reached my inbox following my recent column looking at Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard and Vista. One message, from reader Randall Asato, warned that folks thinking they can run Aero on older hardware will be out of luck,” Morgenstern writes.

Morgenstern writes, “He said he expected that most upgraders will be at the least forced to purchase a new video card with sufficient VRAM (video RAM)… There are signs that the base performance of Vista on almost any hardware configuration may disappoint. Or at least concerns that Vista will run sluggishly on the system configs that Windows buyers are accustomed to.”

“At the same time, performance may be hindered by the traditional thin configurations offered in the Windows market. Many machines ship with 512MB of RAM, and in the mindset of the market this is sufficient.
For example, the software industry still maintains the fiction that a Windows XP machine with 256MB of RAM can do all the tasks that need to be done, or that users might want to get done. Look at almost any piece of software and 256MB is listed as the base system requirement,” Morgenstern writes. “But that amount has little to do with usability. It’s a joke.”

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MacDailyNews Take: First of all, 99% of Windows users have no idea what a video card is, much less the ability to upgrade it. Let’s face it, these people bought their personal computer at Wal-Mart. So, when Joe and Jane Sixpack are faced with the idea of having to buy a new computer to run “that there great new Winduhs they got out now,” wouldn’t it be nice if they knew there was a better way this time around? The more ads Apple runs for the Mac right now, the better. Get a Mac.

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  1. Wow. Make Windows users sound like Larry the Cable Guy. I thought we wanted these people to convert to Mac. Insulting the platform is one thing, insulting the individuals suffering through it is another. MDN usually is the one to point out that “PC” is the computer, not the user, then turns around and mocks out the users.

    Not cool, MDN. Most of us were lost little Windows sheep before we saw the light.

  2. I’m not making excuses for Windows or PCs in general, but the platform requirements to effectively run MacOS X have also increased over the years if you want to take advantage of the full OS functionality. I recall many complaints lodged in this forum regarding the inadequate base RAM and video RAM installed in new Macs.

    Apple’s computer hardware seems to generally enjoy a longer usable life than Windows PC’s, but I do not take any joy in finding out that many PC users will find themselves stuck with XP, or worse, in a nightmare of an upgrade cycle trying to run Vista because they hope to escape the virus/trojan/malware problem.

    MW “job”…I got the Steveness on my side!

  3. I second Akido and I have made the same request in the past to MDN. It serves no constructive purpose to ridicule the eductation level, socioeconomic status, intelligence or other personal aspects of PC users. It makes us Mac users sound like a bunch of egotistical, elitist a$$holes.

    Remember the old saying about honey…?

  4. “Many machines ship with 512MB of RAM, and in the mindset of the market this is sufficient.”

    Some PC people are afraid to add more than that because of the cost – and fear that the PC won’t last long enough to recoop their expense of the add on.

    In a recent conversation with an about to be switcher, I recommend maxing out a MacBook on RAM if possible but get at least 1G RAM at minimum. Their next two statement took me by surprise: “How long do you Mac people expect your Macs to last?”

    Me: 5 to 10 years. I have a 10 year old 8600 still performing Photoshop graphic enhancements. My daughter has my almost 6 year old Pismo.

    PC User wanting to switch: So that is why you Mac people don’t mind maxing out your computers – you expect them to last long enough to get your money’s worth out of them and for any added upgrades too.”

    But of course!

    PC’s in general don’t last long enough for them to justify adding MORE RAM and upgraded Video Cards.

  5. The reason why Vista is a bloat hog is that it’s SUPPOSED to force a hardware upgrade.

    M$ is going to sell

    1: Better security

    2: Better looks

    3: More features

    4: Trusted Computing

    5: HDCP

    Since most PC users will just get Vista with a hardware upgrade (2 years on average with Dell) it really makes it irrealevant to make it run on older hardware. Actually M$ doesn’t really want it to, because older machines don’t have the TPM chip.

    Microsoft is looking at trying to get 100% Vista purchase compliance.

    Of course Apple is locking Mac OS X to their Intel hardware the same way, with a TPM chip.

    Which later on Apple can start restricting the per seat licensing, all in the grand scheme of one day being able to sell Mac OS X seperatly from Apple hardware.

    It’s coming, trust me.

  6. The new Mac ads are amusing but eliteist. When the nerd guy talks about the malware etc., the least the ‘cool’ guy could do is ask how much in time and money, all that crap costs.

    MW–still–as in– Apple still doesn’t cut to the chase with their ads.

  7. MDN: First of all, 99% of Windows users have no idea what a video card is…

    If 99% of Windows users have no idea what a video card is, then 99.99% of Mac users have no idea what a video card is, considering that most Mac users never had to deal with video cards.

    I think there are more than 1% Windows users with some idea of what the video card is. They need to run Windows.

  8. I gott agree with the general concensus. I was a winblows guy a long time ago. I have since seen the light, but didn’t have to die first. Just because I didn’t know any better does not make me a trailer trash tee shirt wearing, no teeth, car up on blocks in the yard next to the old refrigerator, cashing my paycheck at the bar kinda guy.

    Those were the daze of os9, and osx has changed everything. Most people who are stuck in the myopic mindset of winblows cling to the FUD that surrounded os9, and just don’t know.

    There is no reason to be snobbish, yes we have better toys, but that doesn’t mean we cant get more market share.

  9. Asato and Morgenstern are mistaken on one basic premise – that generic Windows users ever upgrade their OS. Most don’t even apply security patches! The people most likely to consider upgrading from XP to Vista are the corporate types, and they are already buying “Vista-ready” hardware where they anticipate they will want to upgrade. Many will test in-house, then push to all “applicable” systems over a period of a few weeks – to keep a single, standard ‘platform’ on the majority of systems.

    Joe and Jane Six-pack will need to be sold on the need for any such upgrade … seriously, seriously SOLD! We’re not talking about a banner in the WalMart computer aisle, we’re talking about radio, newspaper and tv execs making payments on their yachts! That banner in WalMart might convince them to pay a bit extra for their next computer (because the old one is so slow, now that it’s caught a ‘bot) and get a Vista model, but that isn’t hardly the same thing as buying a Vista distro and trying the install themselves.

  10. What Vista users are they talking about?
    Can I go buy Vista at CompUSA?
    How can the performance of a non-existant product be sluggish and cause consumers to complain?

    I do not understand why so many bytes of a pro Mac web site are spent on non-existant M$ OS’s. If M$ wants us to talk about their products and how they compare to Macs, they can finish them, release them, and sell them. STOP HELPING M$ HYPE THEIR POORLY MADE WARES.

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