Best Buy currently lists all Apple iMac and Mac mini models as ‘sold out’

Best Buy’s online site currently lists all iMac and Mac mini models as “sold out.”

• Apple – iMac Intel Core Duo processor 1.83GHz with 17″ Display (MA199LL/A): $1,299.99 – SOLD OUT
• Apple – iMac Intel Core Duo processor 2.0GHz with 20″ Display (MA200LL/A): $1,699.99 – SOLD OUT
• Apple – Mac mini Intel Core Solo processor 1.5GHz (MA205LL/A): $599.99 – SOLD OUT
• Apple – Mac mini Intel Core Duo processor 1.66GHz (MA206LL/A): $799.99 – SOLD OUT

Best Buy’s sold out Apple Macs can be seen here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brian M.” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: So, is Best Buy just really successful at selling iMacs and Mac minis or is something else going on?

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  1. Mmm… new iMac goodness. How often can they keep updating these? It’s been what, 5 times already on the new iMac design (3 PPC, and 1 or 2 Intel models, I can’t remember now) and that’s in less than 2 years. That’s quite a pace.

  2. My bet – based on their illustrious record of not supporting Apple past repeated lukewarm introductions – that they will once again be removed from the shelves.

    Their employess are made up of PC Gamers that have no concept of anything beyond the next version of “insert battle game here.”

    Sorry but I worked there through school and saw a couple attempts that employees frankly just didn’t care about.

  3. Isn’t it obvious? Time to say goodbye to Core Duo and hello to Core 2 Duo. With a Xeon in the Mac Pro they can upgrade everything else, except perhaps the Macbook, and have a clear distinction between the consumer and pro lines.

    This will also be the end of the iMac. As Steve said, there is no “i” in Mac. Now’s the time to rebrand it as simply the Macintosh.

  4. “This will also be the end of the iMac. As Steve said, there is no “i” in Mac. Now’s the time to rebrand it as simply the Macintosh.”

    John Gruber begs to differ (it’s in the Nomenclature section near the bottom, but the whole article’s a good read). I also do, for a more practical reason than Gruber: It would create hellish and unhealthy confusion between the Mac as a platform and the Mac as a computer that is part of the Mac platform. Can you imagine? We already have enough problems with the uneducated calling Macs Apples and vice versa.

    Back to the article, I’m suspicious. I think it’s too early to be pulling iMacs and minis from the shelves; there’s over 2 weeks until the Expo. Denying large orders of Mac minis is one thing, denying single orders from consumers is another. Besides, is Best Buy really one of Apple’s favorite resellers, and privy to future product information? I doubt it. I think this is most likely Best Buy acting on rumors, not official word from Apple.

    Last, random thought. There’s another way to round out the naming system: MacBook mini. I put infinity:1 odds against such a thing coming out at the Expo.

  5. The timing is right for an iMac and Mac mini update. The iMac gets Core 2 Duo (Conroe) and Mac mini will probably have a high-end model with Core 2 Duo too and keep a Core Solo model (price drop back to $499).

  6. I suspect Apple is setting up all its hardware to be fully 64-bit supported using the new core 2 duo chips, ready for when Leopard comes out. Then they will boast about 100% 64-bit hardware and software support that can also support 32-bit without needing a multitude of OS’s.
    So expect updated Macbooks, and Macbook Pro’s coming soon.

  7. Apple is phasing out the iProducts? Obvious to whom?

    Aside from renaming the iBook to MacBook, what evidence is there? New products continue to be named (iWeb, iWork) and old products continue to stay with the name (iMac… 7 years now, iPod)

    It’s too bad the article didn’t mention Al Gore or Rush Limbaugh so we could have a big turd-fest. I love political discussions full of heat and rhetoric, but that have no point. Oh, wait, that’s pretty much EVERY discussion on MDN. 😀

  8. I’ve already written a letter to Best Buy Corp. and let them know that if they’re not careful Best Buy is going to be “Sold Out” altogether.

    Just another Best Buy crock. I hope this time Apple decides to never ever go back to them, even in the future world where Macs (or anything other then Windows) rules.

  9. the iMac and mac mini will be refreshed next month. They have the design for a 23″ iMac, but may not release it yet. the nanos will be changing in mid september, with the full size ones changing about 2 weeks later.

    This is all confirmed. Any other rumors you want confirmed? 😀

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