Microsoft develops new consumer product: selling vaporware for the holidays

“Microsoft Corp. is considering discounts or other promotions during the holidays to entice consumers to upgrade their PCs with Windows Vista, even though the new operating system isn’t due to hit store shelves until January at the earliest,” The Associated Press reports.

AP reports, “Any end-of-the-year effort to spur PC purchases would likely please many retailers and computer manufacturers, who fear disappointing sales during the crucial holiday as consumers wait for the highly anticipated and long-delayed software.”

Full article here.
[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “TripleHead” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft’s Windows Vista is “highly anticipated?” If so, only by those who have never used Mac OS X for the last 5+ years. Windows Vista = Windows XP SP3. It’s a stripped-down, over-promised, under-delivered, very late, poor copy of Mac OS X. In other words: par for the course for Microsoft. Vista is not “highly anticipated” by anyone who knows any better. Kudos, though, to Microsoft for working so diligently on developing a way to try to sell vapor. At least they’re working on something up there in Redmond.

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  1. I agree with Occam’s Razor, Apple should do more adds. But I think the adds should be like that Nike + add. It’s real slick. I like the way it shows how easy it is to use, not only the iPod, but the MacBook Pro he connects it too. This is what Apple should focus on. How easy it is to use your Mac and what you can produce with it. Beautiful Photo Albums, DVDs with slick interfaces, your own music, home movies, your own web pages to share with your family, ect. Sure they can demo that in the stores, but they need slick TV adds that show these kinds of things. People comment on the beauty of my iMac, but it’s when I show them things I have made with it that they are really blown away. And when I demonstrate how easy it is and that they could do it too, they start saying things like I want one, I should get one, or I should really condsider getting one. Most folks need to see the reason or motivation for getting one.

  2. MAC FOOLS!!!

    Don’t you know that when Vista finally ships your silly Mac OS X will have no advantage anymore!

    That’s right, Vista is going to be cool looking, safe and SECURE.

    Yea right, hehehehe, we couldn’t even secure a hot meal during the last company potluck.

    But one day it will be secure, not in my lifetime anyway.

  3. Muchas gracias, amigo. My idiosyncrasies are the product of attempting to navigate between the shoal of bitter cynicism and the reef of unrestrained idealism to the open water of truth and authenticity. Steady as she goes, mates, it’s the wind, sea, and sky ahead.

  4. I hope those “free upgrade to Vista” coupons don’t have an expiration date…

    I must say, that’s a pretty smart strategy by Microsoft. Sell users the “highly anticipated” Vista BEFORE it possible for them to use it. That’s like Totoya selling a Camry with the promise it will be upgraded to a Lexus “early next year,” but then giving them a Wagonqueen Family Truckster instead

    [No offense intended by equating Toyota and Lexus cars to versions of Windows.]

  5. My old professor used to say, “Never equate change with progress or activity with action.” It is certain that Vista that won’t be revolutionary or even evolutionary. It will be universally disappointing in what it lacks more than what it offers. I doubt that five years of chanting, genuflecting, groveling, and self-flagellating before their PCs has eliminated all sense and reason from every Windows apologists.

  6. Hey, you never know. It worked for George Lucas circa Christmas 1977. Maybe they can give out Vista coupons that include a Ballmer action figure with “real sweating action” and a “throwing chair” accessory! That way, when spring comes around and Vista still isn’t ready, at least you can play with your Ballmer!

  7. “He suggested some PC makers might be hoping for another delay, because marketing an operating system that doesn’t exist yet is a formidable challenge they’d rather skip.”

    – using Vista, should it ever come out, is a formidable challenge that I believe I’ll skip…

  8. Why is it so important to us Mac users that others learn about how great this platform is?

    Is that the difference between passionate Mac users and average computer users? We care and they don’t?

    I work as tech support and it’s so difficult to see Windows users struggle with their computers, not knowing they don’t need to. It’s even more difficult to convince them of that.

  9. In other news, the Microsoft Zune will be released this holiday season in 3 convenient colors with flashy names and will not be video-capable. The colors and names will be white = iClod, black = iCrap, and red = iShit. Songs from a Microsoft music store will also be sold. They will be available for download in the spring of 2008. Mid-2007, Microsoft will develop a video-capable Zune player known as the iSuck, no doubt drawing from the power drain of actually using the device. The battery will last for exactly 6.66 minutes and recharging it will require enough power to blackout an entire city block.

    MW “looking”. As in who really is looking forward to this shit for anything other than a laugh? It’s like the line from classic Red Skelton skit I saw once. “What do you do here?” “Well, sir, I do a comic strip.” “Oh, really! Well start taking off your clothes. I love a good laugh.” Anyone see the resemblance to Vista? The more that is stripped away, the funnier it gets.

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