Microsoft develops new consumer product: selling vaporware for the holidays

“Microsoft Corp. is considering discounts or other promotions during the holidays to entice consumers to upgrade their PCs with Windows Vista, even though the new operating system isn’t due to hit store shelves until January at the earliest,” The Associated Press reports.

AP reports, “Any end-of-the-year effort to spur PC purchases would likely please many retailers and computer manufacturers, who fear disappointing sales during the crucial holiday as consumers wait for the highly anticipated and long-delayed software.”

Full article here.
[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “TripleHead” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft’s Windows Vista is “highly anticipated?” If so, only by those who have never used Mac OS X for the last 5+ years. Windows Vista = Windows XP SP3. It’s a stripped-down, over-promised, under-delivered, very late, poor copy of Mac OS X. In other words: par for the course for Microsoft. Vista is not “highly anticipated” by anyone who knows any better. Kudos, though, to Microsoft for working so diligently on developing a way to try to sell vapor. At least they’re working on something up there in Redmond.

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  1. Actually I’m encouraged by this report. Microsoft wouldn’t be trying to pump Christmas computer sales, if they knew they were going to be good!

    That Microsft is preparing some sort of incentive to buy a computer now, and upgrade to Vista later, can only mean that Microsoft and friends are anticipating a slow Christmas. This can only work to Apple’s benefit. Apple will have computers for sale that won’t need upgrading. Tiger is only about 18 months old, compared to 6 years for XP.

    That, and Macs look good on your desk, or on the road, run MacOSX and XP, and cost less too.

    This good just turn out to be a banner December quarter.

  2. I wouldn’t purchase a PeeCee in anticipation of Vista right now. Knowing Microsoft, the hardware requirements of computers sold today won’t be able to handle the bloatware known as Vista when it does finally get released.

  3. The best and most telling line is the last paragraph…

    “The issue isn’t that people don’t want to buy a new PC ahead of a new operating system,” Baker said. “People don’t want to install a new operating system on a new PC.”

    They don’t want the headaches of a new operating system?
    I thought Vista was an “advanced” operating system. It should be EASIER to install and use. Right?

  4. According to

    “Apple has sent out press invitations for a special presentation at the Photokina photography expo in Cologne. According to Macworld UK, the media event will take place on September 25, which is the day before the expo officially opens. The invitation doesn’t say what Apple plans to discuss, but considering the venue, it will likely be Aperture related.”

    Imagine releasing Tiger as the “One More Thing…” after an Aperture upgrade!

    Just in time for the holidays, it would crush any hype or promo that Microsoft could muster for its vaporware. This would also make sense to have the 20+ Mac ads ready to go for a holiday blitz.

  5. Scene: Ballmer family living room Christmas Day as Ballmer Junior opens his present.

    Ballmer Jr: Dad, it’s just an empty box!

    Ballmer Sr: No, junior, it’s Vista.

    Family looks aghast as Ballmer Senior chortles maniacally as he removes the invisible object from the box and holds it to his chest.

    The End.

    It is assumed that the Ballmer family is not Russian Orthodox.

  6. Windows users should just e-mail their credit card numbers to Microsoft twice a year. In return, Ballmer will send a blanket e-mail with the short list of his innovations. What good is having the world’s biggest software monopoly if you can’t buy your way out of the next big lawsuit?

  7. M di L B Simoni,

    You mean Leopard, right? Although it’s unlikely that there’s anything other than Aperture 2.0 that would be released during Photokina. I would hate to have an incomplete product rushed to market just to “crush” Vista. Let both be released at the same time and judged side-by-side.

  8. People will probably be happy to pay for Vista before it ships…

    …it’s just the two Vista Service Packs that they’d have to buy before they get the first Vista install disc that will pi$$ them off.

    MDN word: ‘taken’. As in ‘…for a ride’

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