How long must we wait for Adobe to produce Universal applications for Apple’s Intel-powered Macs?

“It claims there are more than 3000 Universal applications for the Mac, including Apple’s own Mac OS X, iLife 06 suite, iTunes, Safari web browser and Final Cut Pro, and more are being added every day,” David Frith writes for Australian IT.

Frith writes, “Alas, the popular Photoshop isn’t one of them. Nor are any of the other programs in Adobe’s Creative Suite.”

“The software company says it is ‘excited’ by Apple’s move to the Intel platform, and is committed to producing all-new Universal versions of many of its applications, including InDesign, PhotoShop, Dreamweaver and Illustrator – but it definitely won’t upgrade current versions,” Frith writes. “None of the upgraded versions appears remotely close to reaching the market. The industry whisper is a commercial release could be the second quarter of 2007. Or maybe later.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The problem is that Adobe’s apps are “mature” (read “old”) and need quite a bit of rewriting. Still, we have to question the extent of Adobe’s commitment to the platform that made their company.

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  1. The other thing Adobe is contending with right now is integrating their products with the Macromedia acquisitions. You might think this wouldn’t affect Photoshop, for example. But In Design – which is tightly integrated with Photoshop – is being integrated with Fireworks – which is tightly integrated with Dreamweaver. Likewise Illustrator and Flash – CVS goes bye-bye; FlashPaper has some kind of marriage with Acrobat; … it’s not as simple as re-writing existing code for what was one platform’s OS (OS X) with another platform’s hardware architecture (WinTel.)

    I would much rather they do this right then rush it. Especially considering there is far less competition now driving excellency.

    Of course, I’m still using a Quad G5, won’t upgrade to Mac Pro until after I have my sweet Adobe suite!

  2. Adobe apps work tolerable fast so it’s probabaly best to wait for a properly sorted cs3 rather than a hasty exercise.

    Still, come on Apple with iLife Pro apps — iPhoto-Aperture would make a powerful combo, and PagesPro could shape up as a decent Quarkiller.

  3. I sumbit that Adobe blaming Appple is a load of hooey. My guess is that rather than working on getting a universal Mac app out the door, they are working on bring the code base for Mac and Windows versions of their apps in line. I would, it makes sense.

    And what about Microsloth. I’ve got clients poised to switch over to intel Macs, but I my experience is that Microsloth apps run worse than ever.

    Adobe isn’t the only one.

  4. I think what people should really be angry with Adobe about is the way they are handing the upgrade paths for everyone who owned full suites of Macromedia Studio. They have essentially manipulated this thing so if you own it, you really aren’t getting any break at all on the price.

    And that’s what happens when you have no competition in the marketplace.

  5. First off

    CS2 on a Mac Pro vs a PPC Quad is a wash under Rosetta.

    So since a Dual Quad is coming and Adobe is going to update CS3 to take advantage of multiple cores, makes no sense to put out a half assed version.

    I was pissed at Adobe for dragging their collective asses, but I realized why bother? it’s a total code rewrite.

  6. It is time for Steve to make an offer Bruce can’t resist; Apple must buy Adobe in order to put that lazy company back on tracks and then give back to the people nicely programmed apps.

    After that move, all Apple need to do is render incompatible Photoshop for Vista and we all move to macs ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> HAHAHA!

  7. My take is that Adobe want to rake in as much as possible by not doing a straightforward switch to Universal..they want our money to go Universal only with a few extra bells and whistles.

    I’m happy with the Universal Apps that exist.. including Aperture, which means I probably won’t ever need to upgrade Photoshop CS (sepecially as Apple are likely making more Aperture announcements at Photokina on the 25th September.

  8. “…Universal applications for the Mac, including Apple’s own Mac OS X…”

    Correction: OS X 10.4 Tiger is not universal. There is a PPC version and a separate Intel version.

    OS X 10.5 Leopard is expected to be universal, but to the users that’s a minor point. If Adobe released separate Intel versions of its Creative Suite components, even if they weren’t universal, there would be much rejoicing.

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