No Steve Jobs keynote at Paris Apple Expo

Reed Expositions in France has said that there will be no keynote address at this year’s Apple Expo in Paris, according to a report from Macworld UK.

“Apple CEO Steve Jobs has traditionally popped across the Atlantic to visit Europe once a year for the show. Jobs was replaced by Apple VP Phil Schiller in 2004, as he was recovering from life-saving surgery at that time,” Macworld UK reports. “Jobs also failed to deliver a keynote speech at last year’s Paris show, though he did visit the event to speak with journalists and introduce to the iPod nano.”

Full article here.

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Apple Expo Paris 2006 to take place September 12-16 – April 25, 2006


  1. New iPods will launch in the U.S. It is where the product will ship first, get the most media attention – in short, where Apple will get the most exposure with a special event launch.

    Other items of interest:

    October is the beginning of the quarter. It is better for Apple to bleed the channel dry of iPod in September, and start with a nearly full quarter worth of new product.

    Apple would be best servered launching after Zune. After Zune gets it’s 3 minutes in the sun, and is compared up and down to the iPod, then Apple is positioned to launch the all new iPods, making the Zune instantly obsolte.

  2. Health rumours? No way! New iPods and press presentation rumours, yes! When do you expect the… or one of the presentations to be on. I say expect one in October. If I’m not wrong, it’s iPod’s 5th anniversary that month.

  3. I think Bertrand Serlet would be a good pick for a keynote, especially over here in Europe (as he is European).

    BTW, I think that if SJ was pissed off of the French legislation, he surely would have picked another location, there are a lot of places that would be very happy to host an Apple Expo – London, Berlin or Munich (the latest being the biggest media city in the world after NYC).

    I think there would’ve been a couple of cool locations elsewhere than Paris (even if Paris is a cool place to be, no doubt).

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