No Steve Jobs keynote at Paris Apple Expo

Reed Expositions in France has said that there will be no keynote address at this year’s Apple Expo in Paris, according to a report from Macworld UK.

“Apple CEO Steve Jobs has traditionally popped across the Atlantic to visit Europe once a year for the show. Jobs was replaced by Apple VP Phil Schiller in 2004, as he was recovering from life-saving surgery at that time,” Macworld UK reports. “Jobs also failed to deliver a keynote speech at last year’s Paris show, though he did visit the event to speak with journalists and introduce to the iPod nano.”

Full article here.

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Apple Expo Paris 2006 to take place September 12-16 – April 25, 2006


  1. No news here. Due to WWDC being delayed by two months that’s taken the thunder out of the international announcements.

    The iPod/iTunes announcements we expect this fall will probably be so USA-specific that a Paris announcement would be more of an insult.

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