Dell profit falls almost in half; announces informal SEC probe

“Late yesterday, Dell reported second-quarter results that show profit fell almost in half. The company earned $502 million, or 22 cents per share, on $14.09 billion in revenue. A year ago it earned $1.02 billion, or 41 cents per share, on $13.43 billion in revenue,” Ed Stenson reports for Schaeffer’s Investment Research.

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“Dell Inc. (DELL : $20.70, -2.10, -9.2% ) saw its shares fall as much as 9%, to $20.74 Friday… Dell also said it has been under informal investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission since August 2005 over past accounting practices. Goldman Sachs analyst Laura Conigliaro cut her rating on Dell’s stock to sell from neutal on the grounds that the company is likely to perform weakly compared to its main rivals over the next several months,” Rex Crum reports for MarketWatch.

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MacDailyNews Take: We will dance on Dell’s grave.

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  1. Funny how the phrase, “Dude, your getting a Dell” has become a put-down rather than something cool or hip. I guess the fact that the actor who played that part got busted for trying to buy weed off an undercover cop didn’t help much either.

    Anyone know what Apple’s capitalization is vs. Dell’s today?

  2. Dell has been pinched off and has started it’s slow circle around the bowl.

    This is where Apple’s decision to cater to only the middle and high end markets comes into play.

    Because Dell devoted enormous resources to chase the low end market, they are saddled with it when the economy turns sour.

    You see Apple will go tell a company to go fsck themselves if they try to lowball them.

    But not Dell with it’s fleet of used car salespeople working on commission.

    Apple has sacrificed market share for stability and profits.

  3. If Steve is to liscense OS X to other computer manufacturers, he should choose someone better than Dell. Dell (with the possible exception of Gateway) makes the WORST computer hardware on the market. I’ve known people to have computer failures after not a year. He should choose someone who makes good yet affordable computers like HP. Or just not liscense the software and sell more Macs because of it.

  4. “Dell reported second-quarter results that show profit fell almost in half”

    Profit as cash:
    0.502 billion vs 1.02 billion is a 50.8% reduction.

    Profit as percentage of revenue:
    0.502 billion on 14.09 billion is 3.56% profit
    10.2 billion on 13.43 billion is 7.59% profit
    3.56% vs 7.59% is a 53.1% drop

    Almost in half?

  5. Dell’s Trailing P/E is still less than half of what Apple’s is. That may mean nothing to market share, but this suggests – suggests – that Dell’s stock price is more closely aligned to its value than Apple’s is.

    Dell’s market share has been weak, lately, and getting nibbled away at by HP and Apple. (Gateway and Lenovo have been static) This loss in profit likely means they have lost much of that share from the top end, rather than from the bread&butter; models that they sell so many of. Yes. From the models that compete with Apple’s models.

    See you (MW=around), Dell

  6. As I pointed out when I e-mailed MDN last night

    Profits down to around 3.5% of revenue (getting close to Gateway territory surely)

    Revenues up 5%

    Profits down 46%

    And to add to the pile of stats for today…

    Dell is currently worth around $48 billion, which sounds all very well until you go back a year and realise that it was worth $88 billion. So not only are Dell stockholders being screwed by not getting a dividend, their investment is becoming worth less each day, which will come as a shock when Mikey and Kev have to shutter the company and give the proceeds to the shareholders.

    Dell is now worth some $9.6 billion less than Apple on the open market, and is – if it’s not careful – going to become the fourth most valuable “manufacturer” after Sony.

    You know, there really is nothing like the sweet feeling of schadenfreude mixed with karmic payback. Shameful joy, my ass.

  7. It’s interesting. I read yesterday that Sony claims that their batteries don’t have issues in other manusfacturer’s computers (HP, Apple), and that Dell’s wiring is part of the problem:
    “Sony has said it used the batteries in some of its Vaio notebooks.

    A spokesperson for Sony said: “Some Vaio notebook series utilized the batteries in question, but at present we have not received any incident reports related to these products.

    “Sony’s Vaio adopts its own design for safety technology, and Sony considers there is no danger of emission of smoke or fire from these products.

    “The battery charging system that Vaio uses is different from that of Dell.”

    She added that the fault was most likely linked to the way Dell integrated the battery into its laptop computers.”

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