Apple added to Nasdaq’s list of ‘delinquent companies’

“Apple has been added to Nasdaq’s list of ‘delinquent companies,’ a step that moves the company closer to a potential de-listing from the stock market following the emergence of irregularities linked to stock option grants,” Rhys Blakely reports for The Times.

“The company said last week that it would be forced to delay its third-quarter results as it presses on with an internal probe into the granting of options,” Blakely reports.

“Apple has now been added to the list Nasdaq publishes each trading day of companies that are non-compliant with the market’s listing standards. Companies are removed from the list one business day after Nasdaq determines it has regained compliance, or the company no longer trades on the market. To read the current list click  here. Apple had said it had sought a meeting with Nasdaq to discuss the options issue. The fate of that request is unknown,” Blakely reports.

MacDailyNews Take: A formality. Apple will be delisted from NASDAQ the day after we switch to Windows.

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  1. Just another reminder people seem to forget. Apple initiated their own investigation BEFORE any SEC or NASDAQ inquiry. That is a very good sign that they were being proactive, unlike Dell who stated they were under informal investigation by the SEC since 2005.

  2. Apple will be delisted from NASDAQ the day after we switch to Windows.

    So what is the day we are supposed to switch to Windows?

    So Microsoft is liquidating the Apple division?

    Will my current software work with Windows? Can I get a discount or exchange on the Windows version?

    Will I have to buy it or will it come preinstalled on a new Apple PC?

    Somebody please help me.

  3. Also, this is no small matter. Being in denial and saying there is no basis for NASDAQ to take this action is stupid.

    Apple can probably get themselves back into compliance and the good graces of the Gov’t and the exchange, but they should not have gotten themselves into this situation.

    While their energies are focused on solving this problem, what is happening to their core business? You might be able to figure out the answer to this question by looking closely at Steve’s WWDC performance… no question he was off his game and if he’s off, so is everyone else in Cupertino.

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