CBS to video podcast exclusive Couric news program features via Apple iTunes

“CBS will introduce a live, online broadcast of its ‘Evening News with Katie Couric’ when the program debuts on Sept. 5, the network announced Thursday,” Caroline McCarthy reports for CNET News.

“The online portion of the simulcast, which will be supported by advertisements and offered to Web users for free, will be available to those who register to have access to the content synchronized with their time zone. After its airing, each night’s ‘Evening News’ will be available online in on-demand form. Viewers can watch the entire program, or select reports that interest them,” McCarthy reports.

McCarthy reports, “Two more Web-only features will be available through Apple Computer’s iTunes Music Store as well as on CBS’s Web site: a five-minute segment called ‘Eye to Eye,’ which broadcasts extended interviews with the personalities from that night’s ‘Evening News,’ and ‘Katie Couric’s Notebook,’ a one-minute look into a specific headline or newsmaker. The joint CBS-iTunes content will be available for free as both audio and video podcasts.”

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  1. Have you noticed that women have begun to take over the role of delivering television news? Why do you suppose that is? It’s psychological that’s why. Women have more expressive faces than men and when they’re delivering the sensationalistic story of the hour, their credibility is derived from their facial expressions! These expressions, and histrionics, rise in direct proportion to the horror. Witness Nancy Grace. Her outrage causes me pain and suffering! 

CBS is banking on Couric’s face to bring credibility to CBS Nightly News! Why not, she gives good face! That’s why they’re dumping the old men and replacing them with the “mommy-makes-it-all-better” type newscasters. 

Television news… pffffhhhht!

  2. I’ve hated Katie Couric ever since I watched her special where she had a colonoscopy on the air. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of her naked a$$ or beaver or something – but nothing! She can take her $85,000 per day salary and shove it where that colonoscope was!

  3. this is redundant as iTunes already provides content from the Sci-Fi Channel. fyi… with their population on earth dwindling, the democratic party has been forced to cut deals with various space-aliens abandoned on earth in the 50’s. fortunately they found one which could be chemically altered (idealized) into the figure we know as katie couric, using clone dna from hillary clinton, a golden retriever, and calista flockhart… ally mcbeal being a favorite amongst both aliens for already looking like them and with liberals for being such an annoying whiner. not sure what they made dan from but i doubt any of it walked on two legs(?)

  4. Katie Communist is one of the most biased Libs on the air today

    Great! She’ll be a wonderful balance to Brit Hume, Tucker Carlson, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Chris Matthews…

    ‘Cuz, y’know, there just aren’t enough right-wing voices on TV these days. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue rolleye” style=”border:0;” />

  5. LordRobin,
    Most, if not all, of those you listed are “COMMENTATORS”, not news journalists. You know up front their position and bias, and they comment on reported news items from those positions. Couric and most of the so-called “News” reporters will not admit to their obvious biases, but they form an all to obvious pattern over time. Couric has made her distrust and dislike of the right very obvious over her past five years on the Today Show. She is pleasant and likable, but she is definitely very liberal and has a hard time curbing her obvious bias. It is difficult to believe that she will bring back any of the prestige lost at CBS and all the other main stream media that provide a very distorted image of reality.

    And, oh yeah… Chris Mathews? Are you serious.

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