Apple shows off new Xserve with Quad 64-bit Intel Xeon processors at LinuxWorld

Apple Computer showed off its new Xserve server, a model that uses two dual-core Xeon processors and that’s due to ship in October, at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in San Francisco on Aug. 16.

CNET has posted a photo of the the Apple hardware from LinuxWorld. In the photo, the Xserve is seen the top, with a PowerPC-based Xserver Cluster Node, due to be replaced by Xeon models in October, underneath, and an Xserve RAID storage system at the bottom.

See the photo here.

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  1. The linux guys appreciate the hardware, but the consensus chatter is the OS X Server GUI is a resource hog – they prefer their text-driven Linux OS for maximum clock cycle goodness. And Darwin really isn’t the same thing.

    Hollywood and Biotech are the real immediate targets. xSAN has started to mature and – with it – Final Cut Pro has become competitive and is on the brink of being considered ready to replace Avid. I say brink because Avid still has the mindshare which must be overcome. And Apple didn’t help any by being a virtual no-show at this years NAB (National Association of Broadcasters conference.) Biotech has loved the Mac since the G5 was released, and xServe clusters are forming the basis of biotech genetic engineering. Watch this space!

  2. … runs Mac OS X server but scientists at CERN, scientists at EPFL, scientists at LLI, scientist at the Supercomputing center for oncology in Madrid, scientist at ESA, scientists at the 5 supercomputer centers that made this year the top500 listing, scientists at Virginia Tech,
    scientist at COLSA, militars in the Navy, the Defense department in Australia, the supercomputing cluster Omneta, the supercomputer of the geophysical institute in France, the blah blah blah….

    The list could go on and on and on and on and on…

    Indeed, nobody runs Mac OS X server.

    ehhhm you mean no MORONS?

  3. If the Xserve hardware is competitive, then the Linux IT guys will buy it. They can use the open source tools, rather than those provided by Apple, if they want to. Remember, Linux may not be ready for the desktop, but it is seriously kicking butt in the corporate server space. It is in Apple’s and Intel’s interest to not leave a safe harbor for their competitors.

    Depriving Dell, HP, and IBM of market share in servers is a great idea. Go for it Apple!

    And I am not the Guy posting as Linux Guy (My old handle, but without the space).

  4. Mac Genius, correct me if I’m mistaken, but can’t the server version of the OS run in either CLI or GUI modes? Servers tend to be ‘headless’ over 90% of the time and don’t need much – if any – of the GUI features even when being configured or diagnosed. You can certainly rely on XWindows for those occasions when you need a GUI, and that ships with all OS X versions.

  5. About those 5 “supercomputers” built from Macs … those are all dual-CPU G5s. (in “quotes” because none of them is <u>A</u> “supercomputer” so much as a gang of computers producing as if a single supercomputer – most on the list are the same) The Anandtech analysis may have shown the quad-cores to be just barely faster in “normal use” than dual-cores, but the use these babies get is hardly “normal” by those standards. The newer models – all quad-cores – will be at least twice as fast as the older ones. This should help place them well up in the rankings.

    Xserve has always been ‘competitive’, price/performance wise. One problem has been the perception that you need specially-trained admins to work with them – actually any <u>Unix/Linux</u> admin can do the job with a bare minimum of training. IT guys seldom move from one platform to another just for a modest price/performance advantage. They might go from Dell/Windows to HP/Windows, but not from Dell/Windows to Dell/Linux without good reason. The Xserve RAID model is gaining popularity, maybe Apple could bundle the two at a discount.

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