Tweeter launches Apple iPod trade-in program with instant store credit across the U.S.

Tweeter Home Entertainment Group, Inc. and NextWorth Solutions, Inc. today announced a partnership to offer NextWorth’s iPod trade-in service at all 153 Tweeter stores across the U.S. Together with NextWorth, Tweeter claims to be the first United States-based retail chain to offer an in-store iPod trade-in program to consumers.

While Tweeter will implement the iPod trade-in service, the company has partnered with NextWorth to execute the program. As founder of the web-based “The Great iPod Exchange,” NextWorth has a history of providing an iPod trade-in service via the Internet. Its traditional virtual offering will now be complemented by Tweeter’s ‘bricks and mortar’ service.

“Our iPod trade-in program reflects our desire to offer our customers a hassle-free way to capture the current value of their iPods and apply it to new technologies or products they’re shopping for,” said Jonathan Magasanik, vice president and general merchandise manager for Tweeter, in the press release. “We accept a customer’s iPod in just about any condition, inspect it and award the customer credit – on the spot.”

Tweeter’s iPod Trade-in service powered by NextWorth is quick and easy. Customers simply bring in their iPod to any Tweeter store and a Tweeter sales associate will use NextWorth’s iPod calculator to provide a Trade-in Value for the iPod. The customer will then receive instant credit towards a new iPod or any of the other cutting-edge home and mobile entertainment products available at Tweeter. The value of the customer’s iPod is commensurate with its condition and its demand in the marketplace.

“NextWorth is known for its easy iPod trade-in service,” said Dave Chen, CEO of NextWorth, in the press release. “We’re extremely pleased to extend The Great iPod Exchange to a premiere retailer like Tweeter. Together we are providing a valuable new service to their customers.”


  1. Yes, PR releases sometimes equal news.

    For example, Exxon-Mobil’s earnings release was big news. So was the Microsoft announcement of Gates stepping down. Also, HP buying Mercury. And Apple announcing the Nano. And so on…

    This story is new to me, and noteworthy. Therefore, it’s news.

  2. Only problem is that they are offering little enough money that you’d do better just listing your ipod on craigslist.

    Of course, if the situation is that your pod has a balky hard drive or somesuch problem is might be worth taking the thing over to Tweeters when it is having one of its good moments.

  3. Me in LA,

    I wouldn’t give ya even $20 for it. And it’d be for nostalgia if I did buy it.

    Not picking on you or your ipod model, just sayin’ $80 seems fair to me. Sh|t’s old dude.

    It’s a consumer product. Price diminishes as soon as it comes in contact with air. Take $50 off the first day, and a dollar a day until it is worthless.

    Eventually you have to pay people to take them off your hands.

  4. Me in MA:

    It does everything that the current iPods do, sans video and pix.
    As far as a music player, it’s as good as any new iPod.
    Sorry, that’s bunk.
    I can sell that thing on ebay for $150 easily.

    I’m not even in the market to sell it as it’s my second iPod for taking with me. My primary (U2) iPod stays in my car.

    Even as just a 20GB hard drive, it’s worth more than $80.

    And that’s with everything – box and all – it’s essentially new, and would make someone just as much of an iPod owner as you or me.

    Nothing personal, I have 6 iPods – all varieties and gen’s.


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