PC box assemblers say battery problems limited to Dell; Apple still investigating

“Following a massive recall by Dell, PC makers HP and Lenovo maintain that their batteries are problem-free,” John G. Spooner reports for eWeek. “Dell’s battery recall—the largest battery recall thus far in computer history—may not get much bigger, according to the initial reactions of top PC makers, including Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo Group.”

Spooner reports, “Dell on Aug. 14 issued a recall for 4.1 million notebook PC battery packs due to manufacturing defects that could lead to fires. The battery pack cells were manufactured by Sony and sold by the Round Rock, Texas, PC maker between 2004 and 2006, Dell officials said.”

Spooner reports, “Despite the size of the action by Dell and Sony’s status as the world’s second-largest supplier of lithium-based batteries, no other PC maker contacted by eWEEK said it had found a problem with its notebook batteries. Representatives from Gateway, Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo all said on Aug. 15 that their companies’ notebooks were not affected by the conditions that lead Dell to issue its recall. Apple Computer, meanwhile, said it was investigating whether batteries it has used meet its standards.”

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  1. This battery recall is, in my opinion, nothing to criticize Dell for. True, I always look for any chink in their armor to slam the RoundRockRat, but this isn’t one of them. Sony’s the culprit here, just another in a long string of failures by THAT company. Will they never cease?

    Otherwise, I agree completely with JEG.

  2. Apple is investigating because they did use the crappy Sony batteries in their MacTel laptops, but they already issued a recall.

    The Mac Pro’s also use Sony branded Superdrives, it’s all part of Apple’s snuggling up next to Sony in the BlueRay thingy.

    Guess it’s better than Microsoft’s HD-DVD format.

    Sony’s batteries are “Made in China”, what a way to get back at the Japanese for WW 1 or was it WW 2?

    Trusted Computing is not your friend.

  3. Shouldn’t the airports refuse all Dell laptops both in cabin and storage in case of fire, until this recall is over?

    4 million potentially dud batteries mean that there is a high percentage chance of a Dell being on your next flight. They stop shampoo bottles, why not Dells?

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