IBM takes on Microsoft Windows with Eclipse applications for Mac and Linux

“Reviving an old feud with Microsoft’s Windows, IBM is launching Linux and Macintosh versions of its most popular software — and vowing to help other software makers do the same,” Ken Spencer Brown reports for Investor’s Business Daily.

Brown reports, “Following up on last month’s release of Linux and Mac versions of its Lotus Notes calendar program, IBM this week plans to release compatible versions of Sametime, its instant-messaging software.”

Brown reports, “The new programs — developed on an open-source platform called Eclipse — is part of a bigger strategy to cash in on the growth of Linux and other open-source software… The Eclipse Rich-Client Platform lets software makers easily create programs that run equally well on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple Computer (AAPL) Macintoshes. IBM created Eclipse and remains a big supporter of the Eclipse Foundation, a trade group that promotes it.”

“Eclipse isn’t the only approach to multiplatform software development. Trolltech, best known for its Linux mobile phone software, also sells a platform called Qt,” Brown reports. “Google used Qt to create the Mac version of its Earth 3-D mapping software.”

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  1. IBM takes on Microsoft??? Why? After all Microsoft abandoned its old ally Intel to sign up for millions of PowerPC chips in XBox… IBM help the Apple platform? After Apple dumped IBM chips for Intel? Seems like divisions of these companies don’t know what other divisions do…

  2. As long as Computer Associates’ Unicenter Service Desk is IE-only, my company will stay tied to Windows. It’s awesome that Lotus Notes is available for the Mac, but I’d guess most Lotus Notes client sites are heavily locked into Windows and IE.

  3. Seems like IBM is pushing for a computer-world detente– no one company in charge, holding all the cards.

    Interesting. If they want to prop up Apple a bit, more power to them

  4. SmartSuite! ROCK ON!


    OpenOffice is OK

    MS Office sucks

    Nothing else is a suite. Corel abandoned us a whiles back.

    Come on IBM. Port SmartSuite to OS X and Linux, and you’ll have delivered the full package.

    That’s the way to gain marketshare and users – true cross-platform compatibility.

  5. No this is called hedging your bets, because IBM sees that emerging platforms are a blank canvas and getting in now is a good idea for future growth. They also see the writing on the wall that MS, while still huge, may have seen its better days as a monopoly power.

    IBM knows because they used to be the MS, and look what happened.

  6. Before I retired I was CIO of a global bank subsidiary. One of the knocks on allowing Apple on the approved vendor list was the presumed difficulty of implementing Lotus Notes and its various embellishments. Perhaps this is another roadblock that can be cleared so that Apple might be allowed into large, corporate environments.

  7. A good a reason as any is that Bill Gates and M$ pulled a fast one on IBM by reacquiring the rights to MS-DOS way back when. If I remember correctly, IBM used a very small podunk company, M$, then located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to supply an operating system for a new pc. IBM owned it, M$ just provided it for a fee to IBM. IBM later decided it had outlived its usefulness and sold it to M$. At least I think all that’s true; if I’m wrong, please correct me.

    Just think, the evil empire might have, and could have, been IBM, not M$.

    Do you notice a seeming trend here-IBM has been on the short end at least twice when the software world was undergoing major changes.

  8. To Guessing – IBM is looking for new markets to sell it’s goods. The Mac is gaining in user base so they see it now as a viable alternative for businesses. Why not release enterprise software for the markets most secure operating system? Seems like a perfect fit to me. This is business boys and girls. And as more enterprise wares become available for the Mac you’ll start seeing them in a lot more Macs in businesses.

    MDW MW: across – as in, “Across the great divide.”

  9. To my knowledge, I have never been within 10 feet of Lotus Notes.

    However, I have several friends whose business lives are based on it.

    They all say that for every hour spent in Notes during the work day, a therapeutic dose of one ounce of scotch must be applied afterwards.

    Any one with an opposing view?

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