Free online video: how to set up Apple Mac OS X Tiger client as a server

“A few days ago I mentioned that I would be starting a video series on how to set up your Mac to act as a server. These will all be done using the Mac OS X client (not Mac OS X Server) so it won’t cost any more than an inexpensive Mac mini to be up and going,” Brian Stucki writes for

Stucki writes, “Here is the first video in that series. It is titled ‘Initial Setup Of Your Mac Server.’ A few of the points will be obvious to some, but it is important that we start out simple so that we are all on the same page for the future settings. Plus, missing any of these changes may cause some problems with your server later on. This is based on the experience I have setting up hundreds of minis at”

More info and link to free video (.mov) here.


  1. What a joke. This guy knows nothing about setting up a server. Free spam ad for macminicolo. And there is absolutely nothing remotely redundant about a Mac mini to make it a reliable server platform.

    Would certainly not host my business on a consumer grade machine.

    xServe is the way to go. Heck get one on ebay if you cannot afford a new one. Or at least use a G5 or G4 Dual tower with mirrored hard drives and another tower to act as fail over.

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