Apple legal claims the word ‘Pod’

“Apple has laid legal claim to the word ‘Pod,’ arguing that other companies that use the word as part of their product names risk infringing the trademark of its popular iPod music player,” Richard Waters reports for The Financial Times.

Waters reports, “The legal campaign, which in recent days has drawn challenges to products with names such as Profit Pod and TightPod, reflects a broader attempt by some of the most successful consumer technology companies to prevent their best-known product names slipping into common useage beyond their control.”

“Dave Ellison, whose company, Mach5Products, makes the Profit Pod, said he had been sent a “cease and desist” request by Apple’s lawyers last week, just after receiving trademark recognition for his product name in the US,” Waters reports. “The success of the iPod has led to widespread adoption of the word “Pod” in relation, for instance in the term podcasting. Companies that have made use of the word in their product or corporate names range from DoPod, a Chinese maker of personal digital assistance, to PodShow, a company that distributes podcasts.”

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“This week, the Apple legal team has caused a bit of a stir by trying to claim the word “pod”. Even if your product is nothing like the iPod in the way it looks, feels or even smells, it appears that you can still face a lawsuit from Apple if your trademark contains the word Pod in it. This is exactly what happened to a small family business when they invented a digital device to aid in their business of making arcade game machines,” QJ.NET reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Schlaeps” for the heads up.]
We’re unsure of the legal precedent here, but it seems like a stretch by Apple if the products are totally unrelated to iPod and used in completely different industries.


  1. McDonalds has done the same thing for anything Mcwhatever. They were very successful and very ruthless in their pursuit. Seems to have paid off if you ask me. Setting a legal precident is important and very lucrative for your brand.

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