CodeWeavers brings low-cost way of running Windows apps on Mac OS X sans Windows

“Among the announcements of interest at this week’s LinuxWorld Expo in San Francisco is the debut of the alpha version of CodeWeaver’s CrossOver 6.0, which further extends the Wine Project into a service and support model,” Dana Gardner blogs for ZDNet.

Gardner explains, “Wine Project is a clean-room-like ‘re-implementation’ of a Win32 API for running Windows applications on Linux natively.”

“But perhaps the most promising new development for accelerating the demand for Wine-type activities (to spur the adoption necessary to gain critical mass-level interest from commercial software deployments) comes from the burgeoning installed base of Mac OS X-on-Intel PCs,” Gardner explains. “Wine Project and CodeWeavers are moving quickly, so says Jeremy White, CEO and founder of CodeWeavers, to bring Wine benefits to Mac OS X/Intel. If this were to pass muster, Boot Camp and Parallels may have a worthy alternative, a native, non-emulation, and low-cost way of running Win32 apps on Mac OS X on x86 with no need for a Windows license.”

Full article here.

More and FAQ for Codeweavers’ CrossOver Mac:

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  1. I hope they can support QuickBooks and UPS WorldShip software… that’s the only thing I need the junky Dull in the office for…

    Saving up for an Intel-Mac Mini to replace it with.

    Would be nice not to fuss with windoze xp…

  2. Jake, just read the list of supported programs. Very limited in it’s use. Parallels with a copy of windows will run just about any program that you want to use. Don’t use windows for surfing or e-mail and forget about viruses.

  3. $59.95 for this is a waste of money at this time. 90% of the apps mentioned on their very short compatibility list (only 52) already have OS X native versions available anyway. This is definitely no threat to Parallels and/or Boot Camp in any way whatsoever.

  4. It’s useful if you already have bought PC software for your PC but want to throw it on your new Mac without needing to buy a Mac version on top of it.

    This is transitionary software to ween people over from Windows to MAc without feeding the MS money pit by needing a Windows license.

    Get it?

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