Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard is 64-bit done right, unlike Microsoft’s Windows Vista kludge

“Windows Vista will come in a multitude of flavours: six at the last count. And it’s said that all of these, bar the starter edition, will come with the added 64-bit support needed for modern CPUs – but the 64-bit versions will be completely different installable builds,” Dean Pullen reports for The Inquirer.

“The 64-bit installation will come with a 32-bit emulation layer called WOW (Window on Windows, and nothing to do with orcs and elves) which will, as you can probably guess, allow you to run your old 32-bit apps on your shiny new 64-bit Vista, via emulation. 32-bit hardware drivers will not work,” Pullen reports.

“There will be just one version of workstation-based Leopard (plus an accompanying server edition), and it will come with 64-bit and full non-emulated 32-bit support,” Pullen reports.

Pullen reports, “Starting with Xcode 2.4, the OSX Universal binary format has been extended to support 32-bit and 64-bit for both PPC and Intel processors inside the same file, giving OSX quad universal binaries. Users don’t have to choose between processor architectures nor 32-bit or 64-bit processors, either at the OS or application layers, it’s all abstracted away from them – as it should be.”

“Note that the non-emulated support in OSX is for applications and drivers. 32-bit programs on Vista 64 need to work on WOW emulation to run in Vista, and 32-bit drivers are a no-no. Lack of driver support is the main reason Windows XP x64 hasn’t been widely adopted, and why the Vista fudge will ensure hardware incompatibilities between the two Windows versions remain for sometime to come,” Pullen reports. “This is quite a boon for OSX, and one that should be highlighted frequently and often.”

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  1. I was having a conversation with friends yesterday but how uninformed the typical consumer is, believing the hype of all the mainstream companies.

    We weren’t in disagreement; in fact, I walked in on their conversation and jumped right in.

    What’s funny is how on one hand, they can talk about how the average consumer buys the marketing hype without really doing research and, in the 2nd breath, buy all new PC’s and constantly talk about how they’re “Vista capable.” Seems like, when talking about people whol blindly believe marketing hype, they just described themselves (as computer buyers, anyway). These guys are far from dumb.

  2. Sputnik: “Have you ever seen the look on the face of a person thinking about switching to an Apple after you go to their favorite web site and explain to them that it won’t work because Apple computers don’t have IE !”

    Scott: “Sputnik, those sites are becoming fewer and fewer. I’ve been on an Apple since Dec. of 04 and have come across maybe 4 sites that didn’t work on safari, so I jump on firefox real quick. And 3 of those four sites were porn sites.”

    Given this information, we can safely deduce Sputnik’s favourite websites!

    Hold on, this will get you: MW “girls”

  3. YankInOz wrote:
    > …it copy machine leases have run out…

    LOL, when I read this, and knowing Leopard will have a feature called Time Machine, I thought a funny new feature for Vista would be Copy Machine –everything in OS X will tried to be copied, but just really badly… <hehehe>

    ds. =)
    Los Angeles, CA

  4. Heh, who woulda thought Windows would be the platform lacking drivers?

    I don’t know what’s more idiotic: The notion of SIX different Vistas, or the concept of the different Vistas needing different drivers. Yikes.

    Apple, MS has utterly fallen on its face. Don’t waste this opportunity!

  5. “Lack of driver support is the main reason Windows XP x64 hasn’t been widely adopted, and why the Vista fudge will ensure hardware incompatibilities between the two Windows versions remain for sometime to come,”

    And will also keep IT managers and their empire’s in employment for sometime to come.

    Windows users – why do you put up with all this?

  6. i for one welcome our 6 new vista overlords…

    and sputnik, if you are still having problems accessing those russion pRon sites from a mac, might i suggest that you check out some of the new Western sites from the post-Brezhnev era?

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