Report: MacBook Pro, MacBook to both go Core 2 Duo ‘Merom’ as soon as next month

“Apple will not only ship Core 2 Duo-based MacBook Pro notebooks next month, but also versions of its consumer-oriented MacBook fitted with Intel’s latest mobile processor – and its first 64-bit laptop chip – Asian reports [the Chinese-language newspaper the Commercial Times] have claimed,” Tony Smith reports for The Register.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

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  1. So soon? Sorry to all those who bought 32-bit Rev A laptops…

    Not at all !!! My MBP replaced a painfully slow PB and also allowed my to dump my dual 1.8 G5. For what I sold them for (plus about $400) I ended up with a MBP and a Dell 30″ monitor.

    I’m not sorry one bit that I got a rev A MBP.

  2. Aargh!

    Just bought a MacBook Pro to replace much-loved Powerbook G4 which drowned after a gallon of juice went through the keyboard.

    The MBP’s glossy screen is drop-dead gorgeous, though reflections were a concern. Actually it’s bright enough that, on balance, I’m happy with it.

  3. This is basic heat transfer and semiconductor theory.

    You want more FLOPS you will need more power.

    More power means more heat rejected to the case.

    So all you whuss’s shut up, enjoy the speedy performance and cook me up a medium rare burger.

    Just my $0.02

  4. I don’t see them updating the MacBook to these chips, I think there will be a drop in price for the Yonah chips and Apple will pocket the savings.

    PLus it is a good way to distinguish the two product lines – MacBook Pro and Macbook. I dont see them using the same chips in both.

  5. See people, NEVER buy Rev. A!

    NEVER buy Rev. A!
    NEVER buy Rev. A!
    NEVER buy Rev. A!
    NEVER buy Rev. A!
    NEVER buy Rev. A!
    NEVER buy Rev. A!

    10% to 20% speed increase at the same clockspeed ain’t too shabby.

    Why NOT put the same chip in the MacBook and MacBook Pro? There are features that clearly differentiate the two. They’d put the fastest chips in the Pros, simple. The bigger screen and real graphics card are reason enough for me to go Pro…when Photoshop is universal binary.

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