NY Times covers the basics of switching from Windows PC to Apple Mac

“Ten years ago, if you were a Windows user, the idea of switching to a Macintosh might not have seemed enticing. An abundance of new Windows software was arriving on store shelves, while the selection available to Mac users seemed to be falling behind, often relegated to a back corner of the same store,” Thomas J. Fitzgerald reports for The New York Times.

“Today the calculation is different. Apple Computer, through a series of transitions, has reinvented itself. With a new operating system, its own chain of retail stores, the iPod and now a new line of computers that run on Intel processors, this new and more mainstream Apple is catching the attention of Windows users, and many are curious about switching,” Fitzgerald reports.

Fitzgerald covers the basics of upgrading your personal computer experience from a Windows PC to Mac OS X machine, including software, Boot Camp and Parallels Desktop for Mac for running Windows applications, and security. Of the latter, Fitzgerald writes, “Security is another aspect of Macs that has Windows users curious. In Windows, antivirus and antispyware programs have become essential for defending against a variety of threats. So far, the Mac OS X operating system has not been infiltrated by viruses, and it remains free from the type of spyware threats that spread in the wild and go after Windows users, according to Symantec, maker of Norton Antivirus. But when Windows is run on Intel-based Macs, for example through Boot Camp or Parallels, it is vulnerable to the same virus and spyware threats that can affect conventional Windows-based PC’s.”

Fitzgerald also covers hardware and also includes a brief bit about switchers’ experiences in the full article here.

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    The NY Times is just a newspaper. A middle-of-the-road one (in other words, not owned by Rupert Murdoch and therefore does not have as its primary mission to support Republican talking points). The far left, as davida demonstrates, hate it as much as the far right.

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  9. The New York Times story reads like it’s been sitting for years on the disk with the stories saved for the panic-striken shout of “Omigod we’ve got a hole on Page Z99!

    It’s the equivalent of the “Now is the time to check your car’s battery” crap, “Did you know a dirty air filter can slice two million miles per gallon off your mileage,” and “If you want to save gas, avoid jack-rabbit starts” that fill the spaces between dealership ads in the twice-a-year car “supplements.”

    Conspicuous by its adsence was the paragraph that says, “A ‘mouse’ is the term ‘geeks’ use for the little gadget that moves the pointer on the screen, which may even be in color.

  10. WOW! You people are amazing. It is like you don’t even want people to start using a mac and enjoying their computer again if they don’t share your same political ethos. I am positive that I don’t fit the mac-user stereotype. And for everyone on here that is against big business, etc. etc. what the hell do you think Steve Jobs is doing this for? Free? You think Apple doesn’t take advantage of every single tax break that is available to them?

    As far as switching to a mac. It was simple. I bought a mac and I bought a copy of MS Office. The switch was then complete. I thought that the mac OS provided a higher level of productivity to me than the WinXP OS. My PCs are 5 and 3 years old and needed to be replaced, upgraded as hardware failures were beginning to become more expensive than replacement. I also try to follow the rule of upgrading whenever replacing a part which makes staying with my PCs as expensive as buying a mac and a new copy of MS Office.

    Finally I wanted an Apple sticker to put under my NRA & Glock stickers on my POS pickup truck. No I am not kidding.

  11. C,

    Please believe me, you are not alone. Not everyone here shares the same ideology. Additionally, not everyone here is so eager to convey thier beliefs. BTW, I don’t have a Glock sticker, mine is HK. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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