Apple Mac Pro with/ 20” Cinema Display less expensive than Dell Precision 690 sans monitor

“Normally, after matching other hardware specs, keeping the hardware specs in line with each other includes making sure that if one system includes a display, the other system includes one as well. In this particular case, the price discrepancy was so great between the two systems that I made an exception,” Charles Gaba reports for Mac vs. PC System Shootouts.

Gaba reports, “As a result, the Apple system includes the $699 20″ Cinema Display, while the Dell only includes the tower. For an alternate comparison, remove the Cinema Display, add Apple’s AppleCare warranty (3 years of both hardware & software support) for $249, and you’re still left with a $450 price advantage for the Mac Pro.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Not only is the Apple Mac far less expensive than the Dell, it’s also much more capable. While Macs can run virtually all the software in the world, the Dell can’t run Mac OS X or best-in-class Mac-only apps like iLife ’06. Basically, we’ve now arrived at the point where you’d have to be painfully ignorant to purchase any desktop or notebook personal computer that doesn’t have an Apple logo on it.

We think that Joe and Jane Sixpack are actually about to realize this fact sooner than later (amazingly, huh? – it’s about time, we know) and the steady stream of cardboard boxes stuffed with commodity-grade Dell, HP, Gateway, and other OS-limited Windows PC junk that rolls out of Best Buy each day is about to dwindle into nothing more than a trickle comprised mainly of the criminally stupid.

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  1. 7up – Just what are you smoking? The Mac Pro is a work of Art.

    As for quality look inside the Mac then compare with the insides of a Dell. Then come back and tell me who cares about quality. As for Windoze Vs OSX – don’t even get me started.

    “and once you buy windows for your mac guess what, you cant be so smug about viruses anymore, you are no better than the rest of us.”

    Proof positive that you consider OSX superior to windows.

  2. Joe: no, the Dell can’t run ANY big (dual-link) displays. It can run 2 normal displays (up to 1920×1200, or blurry analog), while the Apple can run one normal and one big 30″. Also the Dell has only a basic 128 VRAM, half what the Mac has.

    The shootout has an error on the Mac side, saying the Mac’s maximum res is the same as the Dell’s. It’s MUCH higher (thanks to dual-link), which is why it can drive a 30″ 2560×1600 display. Just a copy-paste error I’m sure.

    Jay: don’t forget Apple displays just got a brightness and contrast boost along with a price drop. The also have a Firewire hub, and one cable that carries everything from power to video to USB. These are all pluses against many competing displays. Not to say those aren’t good buys, but it’s not as simple as it may seem.

  3. joe and jane sixpack do not read macdailynews, nor follow any other nerd-oriented blogs, et al. ie they are not hearing your advice to them. meanwhile i am tired of hearing it. even if they (j&j) did get here by accident, joe and jane sixpack will not understand the need to download bootcamp and BUY and install windows to have their “security blanket”… and when/if the acne-infested-sexually-challenged-idiot at best buy actually explains this (and they understand), they will see it as a huge disadvantage (“that mac thing doesn’t even come with windows, spit tobacco, who would want that?”). so they will still buy the windose-PRELOADED and multi-camera-card-slot-sport’in “hp pressario mediacenter model 34652POS” with matching 900-button microsnot “multimedia keyboard with vibrate function”. meanwhile, a likely large audience who DOES conciously expend time to read your babble is assumed knowledgeable with computers, and thus neither impressed nor comforted (re stock price hopes) by your repeated emphasis that iLife makes a large difference here. none of these apps have a notable value to anyone other than a teenager-with-no-friends, except for perhaps the iTunes, and of course that is avail for windows anyway. how small is the audience for (example) garageband… meaningless. perhaps if they included in this freebie real office apps (clones of word, excel, powerpoint) and a truely exchange-compatible pim client, that would mean something… yet of course, those are as well already free with the dulls and gateways.

  4. Kinda funny how the MDN take talked about the criminally stupid when 7up pops up with a line of jibberish and half truths.

    I am going to cut 7up some slack, though; just for the fact that he uses correct grammar and is on a mac site. I hereby upgrade 7up from ‘criminally stupid’ to ‘annoyingly stupid’.

  5. Metryq:

    An excellent quote, but a bit simplistic:

    1. what about the wilfully blind? A form of stupid or a deeper psychological problem/cognitive dissonance?

    Consider the IT guy: their salary depends on their not getting it. People in this situation tends to be really hard to reason with, since agreeing with you means they lose their job.

    Of course they have a conflict of interest, but, regardless, they won’t “get it”.

    2. What about people who just don’t care? Sure, they’re ignorant, but they don’t care/don’t know, and aren’t motivated to do anything about it.

    We shouldn’t sluff this category off: to an extent, we’re technology gourmets. We care, period. Consider things we don’t care about – ultra high end stereos/fast cars/motorcyles or some other category that some people but not us are passionate about.

    We’ll never get it about those things because we don’t care. And some of those people won’t get it about Macs because they don’t care.

    Until the alternative becomes painful (and viruses are painful – perhaps there’s hope), most people won’t care. Now if something compelling like an iPod for the living room comes along…

  6. joe architect,

    It doesn’t matter whether J&J Sixpack are reading MDN. The conventional wisdom is percolating through the mainstream media and will get stronger. MDN is correct – more people will be coming to Mac and loving it.

    And, then, guess what? Eventually, J&J Sixpack really will be reading MDN!

  7. Dear 7up,

    For me, iPhoto is an essential must-have for business and pleasure, as are the other i-Life component programs.

    To give you a fix on speed, from clicking the icon to screen display takes just 4 (four) seconds on my laptop — and that’s 4,041 (four thousand and forty one) pix!

    This speed and efficiency — pre-loaded, don’t forget — makes Mac the platform of choice for this media person.

  8. Uggy Buggy…

    Quote “In a free, capitalist society, people get the kind of PC they deserve.”

    Err Free? Free as long as you pay. Free to choose a PC or shop at Wal-Mar… you only get to “choose” when you can afford to pay for it. Needs are susbsumed by the freedom to exploit. The only thing free in a capitalism is the ability to screw others.

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