Apple Mac Pro with/ 20” Cinema Display less expensive than Dell Precision 690 sans monitor

“Normally, after matching other hardware specs, keeping the hardware specs in line with each other includes making sure that if one system includes a display, the other system includes one as well. In this particular case, the price discrepancy was so great between the two systems that I made an exception,” Charles Gaba reports for Mac vs. PC System Shootouts.

Gaba reports, “As a result, the Apple system includes the $699 20″ Cinema Display, while the Dell only includes the tower. For an alternate comparison, remove the Cinema Display, add Apple’s AppleCare warranty (3 years of both hardware & software support) for $249, and you’re still left with a $450 price advantage for the Mac Pro.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Not only is the Apple Mac far less expensive than the Dell, it’s also much more capable. While Macs can run virtually all the software in the world, the Dell can’t run Mac OS X or best-in-class Mac-only apps like iLife ’06. Basically, we’ve now arrived at the point where you’d have to be painfully ignorant to purchase any desktop or notebook personal computer that doesn’t have an Apple logo on it.

We think that Joe and Jane Sixpack are actually about to realize this fact sooner than later (amazingly, huh? – it’s about time, we know) and the steady stream of cardboard boxes stuffed with commodity-grade Dell, HP, Gateway, and other OS-limited Windows PC junk that rolls out of Best Buy each day is about to dwindle into nothing more than a trickle comprised mainly of the criminally stupid.

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  1. The “criminally ignorant” are not a trickle. They’re the vast majority of the ocean of typical PC buyers, Windows users.

    Remember, in a Democracy, people get the kind of government they deserve. In a free, capitalist society, people get the kind of PC they deserve.

    The rest of us use Macs.

  2. “Basically, we’ve now arrived at the point where you’d have to be painfully ignorant to purchase any desktop or notebook personal computer that doesn’t have an Apple logo on it.”

    You’ve just described most of the Windows using world. Most of them don’t even know what Windows is or what it does.

  3. I think a better comparison would be Mac Pro plus AppleCare plus a good third pary monitor with a decent contrast ratio and a response time under 10ms that’s still $200 less than the cinema display. Apple’s displays are overpriced and underperforming. Unless you really want a display that looks very very nice, performance doesn’t matter to you, and niether does price, there is absolutely no reason to buy one. All their competitors beat them hands down. I love Apple’s computers but as a mac user I find their display line, even though I don’t buy them, just plain embarassing.

  4. usually dells cost less because they dont throw in a lot of junk like cameras and iphoto that nobody needs.

    now dell costs more, so DUH there is a reason for it.

    there are things the dell has that the mac pro does not have, you just have to research and you will see.

    rinky-dink tin-can aluminum mac pro cannot match the sheer freaight train power of a sleek black dell.

    only buy the cheaper mac if you dont care about quality, you want a toy with lame-o unix under the hood.

    list all the things the mac has, what matters is it doesnt have windows, not for free like dell gives you.

    and once you buy windows for your mac guess what, you cant be so smug about viruses anymore, you are no better than the rest of us.

  5. I just got e-mail from a guy I used to work with letting me know that he’s about to buy his first Mac. He’d been sitting on the fence for a few years, and I used to evangelize the Mac everyday when I worked with him. The MacBook was just too much for him to pass up. In the last year, I know a good dozen people who’ve switched, and they’re all happy they did. Slowly but surely, the masses are waking up.

  6. While the high-end Mac is cheaper than the high-end Dell, it doesn’t change the fact that most people aren’t buying high-end Dells, they are buying the cheap ones.

    For instance, a Dell XPS 200 is only $1100 with a 20″ wide-screen monitor.

    While this is more comparable to an iMac (actually its wimpier than the iMac as it has PentiumD), people like towers, and they like cheap 🙁

  7. “list all the things the mac has, what matters is it doesnt have windows, not for free like dell gives you.”

    7up, in my book, that’s a pro, not a con! I truly hope your post was an exercise in humor. If not, I feel bad for you.

  8. MDN said “comprised mainly of the criminally stupid.” Yep. that describes most pc users. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> Its sad to say but if you need proof, check out Computer Stupidities at “”. Its funny but sad too.

    My neighbor just bought a PC. Had no idea how it works, what the various messages that popped up all the time ment and every warning that came up, for any reason, she decided that it was better left alone rather than decide to move forward with the choice. SAD.


  9. All their competitors beat them hands down

    That’s is so exaggerate it is hilarious.

    Anandtech has run various comparisons with Apple Cinema Displays and the best the market has to offer. Pretty much they equate each other.

    Embarrassing like when HIPerWall doubled the world record for tiled screens for pixel resolution? They used Apple Cinema Display to do that.

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