Mac OS X Leopard likely to hit market more like purring kitty than deadly cat of prey?

“Now isn’t the greatest time to be Steve Jobs. Apple is in the midst of a pretty nasty financial fiasco that is starting to look more menacing every day. Microsoft is gearing up to take on Jobs’ franchises, iTunes and the iPod. Even the Fake Steve Jobs, whose “Secret Diary of Steve Jobs” blog had techies buzzing over the last few months, has given up the ghost — for now,” Lee Pender writes for Redmond Channel Partner Magazine.

MacDailyNews Note: Yes, Redmond Channel Partner. What, you don’t read it cover to cover?

Pender continues, “But, even without the Fake Steve Jobs around to clue us in to the real Steve’s innermost thoughts, we can imagine that what really has Jobs down in the dumps these days is the inevitable fact that no matter how cool Leopard is — and no matter how many shots Jobs takes at Microsoft — the new Mac OS will barely make a dent in Windows’ almost obnoxious OS market share.

“First off, it’s questionable as to how far advanced Leopard is compared to Vista. Beyond that, Apple has always been ahead of Microsoft in the OS innovation game, but that creativity lead has never translated into a serious competitive run at Windows… the fact remains that the Mac OS is, these days, the stuff of graphic designers, enthusiasts and zealots. In fact, the only reason I’m writing about it here is because it’s mid-August, and there’s not a ton of news about anything else right now,” Pender writes. “So, while Jobs may roar at Microsoft and Vista, his new OS will likely hit the market more like a purring kitty than a deadly cat of prey. No matter how cool or advanced it is.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If ignorance is bliss, then 80+% of PC users sure are blissful. Now, what happens when they figure out that only Apple Macs give them two computers for the price of one – and often at a price lower than the other OS-limited PC makers? One fact stands out above all others: when people really use a Mac and a Windows PC for awhile and you ask them to choose one, the vast majority choose Macintosh. So, relying on solely on ignorance is a risky proposition. The more people that get a Mac, the more people they will tell about it. And what happens when millions face Vista hardware upgrade time? One thing’s certainly for sure, Apple cannot run “get a Mac” campaign materials enough. Regardless of whether Redmond Channel Partner Magazine’s Pender is right or wrong – there’s no way to know – we can smell his fear across the Internet. And we like it.

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  1. Redmond Channel Partner? More like Channel Patsy.

    Obviously, the number of brain dead people in Redmond isn’t limited to Microsoft management, as evidenced by this horribly outdated (and inaccurate) article about Apple.

  2. Who in the heck wants that Time Machine part of OSX?
    Just perfect for anybody to go into your computer and find some old porn you thought you through out (and anything else).
    Or your new girlfriend going in the your computer looking at all the love notes and nudie shots of your old girlfriend you thought you had deleted for good.

  3. Geez.. first he says its “questionable” how far advanced Leopard is over Vista when even a blind man can see TIGER is more advanced that Vista….

    Then he tries to perpetuate the “Macs are only used by graphic designers, zealots….:” blah blah blah crap.

    Yeah, this guy is a tool. I’m glad he uses Windows. I hope his piece of crap OS gets some virus that wipes out his hard drive….

  4. “In fact, the only reason I’m writing about it here is because it’s mid-August, and there’s not a ton of news about anything else right now”

    TRANSLATION: I HAD planned on writing about Vista this month but it’s late yet again, and I have ‘OS envy’.

  5. The M$ winblows ecosystem is what is “sick” and running scared. Five years to release a gutted, facsimile of Mac OS X – pathetic!

    Good money is on Apple not M$FT.

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