InfoWorld: With Mac OS X Leopard, Apple aims to ruin Vista’s chance of gaining early traction

During CEO Steve Jobs’ WWDC keynote presentation, “Apple elected to keep the majority of the details of its upcoming Leopard release of OS X (version 10.5) secret, sharing them only with developers covered by Apple’s strictly enforced non-disclosure agreement. However, Apple did offer some intriguing details,” Tom Yager reports for InfoWorld.

Yager reports, “Leopard will be a 64-bit operating system, but with a powerful twist: It will permit the blending of 32-bt and 64-bit code at the executable, object code and device driver levels. Microsoft’s 64-bit editions of Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server require the use of drivers specifically rewritten for 64-bit use. Apple’s approach avoids second-class customers with 32-bit Macs while allowing developers to take full advantage of the features unique to Core Microarchitecture. Apple carried 64-bit engineering from the OS kernel through the GUI and 3-D layers, creating incredible performance potential for visuals, and for core computing tasks that are slowed by rich graphical interfaces.”

Yager reports, “Another standout among Leopard’s features is Time Machine, a highly accessible approach to file system snapshots for rapid recovery of deleted or unintentionally altered files. Like Windows’ Volume Shadow Copy, Time Machine tracks all of the file and directory changes that occur between snapshots. Users can specify a point in time and see the file system from any point in the file hierarchy as it existed at that time, or the time of the nearest snapshot. As is typical for Apple, the user interface for Time Machine is visually stunning and extraordinarily functional. When a user selects a folder, an Address Book card or any other Time Machine-tracked entity and presses the Time Machine hot key, snapshots are shown in a stack of overlapping windows. A GUI timeline at the edge of the screen lets the user scroll through time, and the user can skip back to the most recent snapshot whose contents differ from the present.”

“Time Machine goes a step beyond point-in-time recovery with its ability to save snapshots on external storage. A Mac client with a USB or FireWire external hard drive can use Time Machine to maintain automatic, invisible incremental backups of modified files. Using this facility, a Mac that requires an internal drive replacement or gets a disk upgrade–say, a switch from a single drive to software RAID–can be restored using that external drive. Time Machine data can also be managed on client systems’ behalf by a Time Machine service that will be standard in OS X Server Leopard,” Yager reports.

Yager reports, “Apple demonstrated [just] ten Leopard features in all… Clearly, Apple’s been busy. It’s hard to believe that Leopard will ship next spring, but Apple aims to ruin Vista’s chance of gaining early traction. During the keynote, Apple convincingly demonstrated several specific Vista features and look and feel elements that seemed copied directly from OS X. While Apple is keeping most of Leopard’s details to itself, the message is clear: By the time Vista and Longhorn Server catch OS X Tiger, Apple will have pushed the goalposts all the way out to the parking lot.”

Much more, including Mac Pro and Xserve info, here.

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  1. “By the time Vista and Longhorn Server catch OS X Tiger, Apple will have pushed the goalposts all the way out to the parking lot.”

    Very nice!

    Please, be sure to go to their website and read the full article. Such authors deserve the site hits.

    I like their review of Xserver software. There is nothing like it in the Windows world… actually, any computer world. If you go to Apple’s webpages, , it looks like almost anyone can set up a server. This is totally unprecedented!

  2. Paging Mr. Lee Pender….
    Paging Mr. Lee Pender….
    The Redmond Channel Partner Magazine is paging you….
    Hello Mr. Pender…..
    Mr. Pender??
    Hiding under your desk perhaps??

    (Just what the hell is the Redmond Channel Partner Magazine anyway??)

  3. I am a windows user and systems eng from more that 15 years, and I have never see that windows has a feature so easy to use to restore setting of files, we even get the Veritas Software Backup for $1200 dollar for our servers and it is very painfull to restore files and to schedule backups. And Mac has this “Time machine” that works very easy and efficient for free in leopard? how can anybody compare “Tiem Machine” with windows “crap” features? Has any body has noted that every new realese of windows is require mor steps to perform a simple task?, like search? or try adding mor mailboxes to outlook 97 and do the same in oulook 2003, it takes 5 steps more to do the same.

  4. With Mac OS X Leopard, Apple aims to ruin Vista’s chance of gaining early traction

    AIMS?!? It’s already happening!

    MS, you won’t get any traction with vapor. Just being feature-complete and on-time will give Leopard a significant advantage.

    Now if only Apple would ADVERTISE. The world’s best OS could be so much more if those outside the hardcore fan base only knew about it.

    Come on Apple, make the term “Mac OS” as ubiquitous as “iPod”!

  5. bonc company stooge, I must agree with you wholeheartedly . . . and I don’t say that lightly.

    Something tells me that the deeper the beta testers get into the “shippable” version of Vista, the more archaic code they’re going to discover that just cannot be made new.

    Because his Steveness did not exactly “WOW!” everyone Monday morning with a detailed presentation of Leopard’s features, MonkeySoft apologists (and a few limp-wristed, fair-weather MacFans) have taken the opportunity to equate 10.5’s development with Vista. What an incredible leap of illogic THAT is!

    That said, I will be astonished if Vista ships–in ANY form–before Leopard. As much as it has been pared down over the past 5 years, it might, I suppose . . . but I wouldn’t bet a plug nickel on its chances.

  6. “Time Machine goes a step beyond point-in-time recovery with its ability to save snapshots on external storage”

    Like, say, an iPod…

    There. You now have justification for that 60GB iPod. Thank you, Apple.

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