Apple adds award-winning programming from A&E Television to iTunes Store

A&E Television Networks and Apple® today announced hit television programming from A&E Network, The Biography and History Channels is now available for purchase and download on the iTunes Music Store. The new content features popular series such as “Criss Angel: Mindfreak,” “Driving Force” and “Inked” from A&E Network, “The Revolution” and “Modern Marvels” from The History Channel, and selections from the Emmy Award-winning “Biography” series from The Biography Channel. iTunes offers over 200 TV shows for $1.99 per episode for viewing on a computer or iPod®.

“Teaming up with iTunes is a great opportunity for us to both reach our growing fan base and expand our reach to new viewers wherever they are,” said Steve Ronson, senior vice president, Enterprises, A&E Television Network, in the press release. “iTunes is the leader in TV show downloads, and we are very happy that A&E Television Network brands and programming will now be available to consumers on their iPod or computer.”

“iTunes customers are going to love this exceptional programming from A&E including the Emmy Award-winning ‘Biography’ series,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president of iTunes, in the release. “Our catalog of popular television content continues to grow with over 200 network and cable programs now available.”

The iTunes Music Store features a selection of over 9,000 music videos, Pixar and Disney short films, a variety of hit TV shows, and more than three million songs from the major music companies and over 1,000 independent labels. iTunes 6 for Mac and Windows includes the iTunes Music Store and is available as a free download from

Purchase and download of songs and videos from the iTunes Music Store requires a valid credit card with a billing address in the country of purchase. Television shows are available in the US only, and video availability varies by country. Television shows are US$1.99 per episode, and music videos and short films are $1.99 each.


  1. I would like to see the Food Network on ITMS. It would be great to have stop-action replay of a cooking episode while trying to re-create the recipes in my own kitchen

    (Yes… cooking is fun. It relaxes me.)

  2. A&E has gone into the toilet. The channel’s name stands for “Arts and Entertainment”, but the “arts” part went away a long time ago, and the “entertainment” is quickly following. A&E used to show opera and theater! Even after that era passed, A&E was the channel for quality programming from the UK, like Lovejoy (I miss that show). In short, it was the network with class.

    Now they show utter $#!+ like “Mindfreak”. I really wish A&E would change its name. It’s insulting to everyone who used to watch it.

    (I guess there’s not much room for class on cable. Bravo is the most recent attempt to be what A&E used to be, and they’re starting to show more and more crap as well.)

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