Apple wows developer crowd with Mac OS X Leopard sneak peek

“Apple Computer showcased its Leopard operating system, due out next year, to the cheers of software developers gathered for a major conference,” AFP reports.

“Rival Microsoft, whose software powers 90 percent of the world’s computers, plans to release its own new operating system, Vista, in January,” AFP reports. “Apple executives taking part in the demonstration lampooned software colossus Microsoft and the delayed release of Vista.”

“Jobs told the receptive audience that some Leopard features were going to be kept secret because ‘we don’t want our friends in Redmond to start their copiers any sooner than necessary,'” AFP reports. “‘If you can’t innovate, I guess you imitate,’ Apple vice president of software engineering Bertrand Serlet said as a picture of an obese Elvis Presley impersonator was displayed on a wall screen behind him. ‘But it is never quite as good.'”

AFP reports, “Macintosh computers were gaining market share on Microsoft-based PCs, Jobs said, noting that Apple shipped 1.33 million in the last fiscal quarter. ‘I am very impressed at the rate with which Apple introduces new technology into its operating system,’ said Mark Taylor, an engineer at Software Imaging Ltd. of Oxford, England.”

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  1. Yeh, let’s get Enderle and Thurridiot on record, see what they think about Leopard.

    My guess is they are both tucking into a nice helping of crow pie ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue laugh” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Was it just me, or did anyone else notice the “cheers” sounded distinctly canned in the streamed keynote? The crowd cheering seemed to unnaturally rise and abate, like someone had their fingers on faders linked to a bank of pre-recorded crowd noise.

  3. Whipping ourselves into a frenzy following textbook ‘form over function’ announcements yesterday.

    You will realize it when you get your new MacPro set up and find it’s a little faster and a little better, but worth the several thousands of dollars to satisfy your ‘I can’t wait’ drive?

    Still hope that the secret stuff held back for Leopard will make it a true major OS upgrade.

    We’ll see.

  4. Pete, like what was shown was not a “true major OS upgrade”???? WTF????

    Like extending the 64 bit stuff all the way up to every type of app is not “major”???? The changes to the other technologies and the new ones like Time Machine are not “major”????

    I would agree if we were just talking about Mail, iChat and Universal Access. But c’mon… did you even watch the presentation???


  5. Pete,

    Spaces is going to be off of the hook, along with many of the other upcoming features in Leopard that have already been announced. The new widgets will be amazing too. You shouldn’t knock it.


    These are a bunch of nerds that all like the same things (not nerds in a bad way, but as in they are all computer developers). Of course they cheer at the same time

  6. Wow, Pete. Multiple desktops, 64-bit processing, animation APIs, and the most killer backup system ever released as part of an OS. Explain again how this is “not a major upgrade”?

    Tell me, just WHAT, precisely, did they need to add to make it “major” in your book??

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